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(military) a station located near a combat area for giving first aid to the wounded

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Training prospects were limitless, ranging from base-wide mass casualty incident response exercises that included all medical personnel from sister services and coalition partners to medic exchange programs within the aid stations to education and training blocks of instruction with Afghan partners to opportunities for shifts within the German role III medical facility.
It could even be used for crisis evaluation if deemed appropriate by the behavioral health provider exercising clinical judgment after the case was staffed with the medics and provider at the remote aid station.
So that those participating in the Nurse of the Day or Doctor of the Day program are not tied to the First Aid station, there is a paid ER Nurse that oversees the care provided.
For the battalion surgeon to perform triage as part of battalion aid station operations, it must be a live event (based on the available medical simulations at the time).
The scouts spent time in a first aid station, equipped with bug bites, scratches, and a "tent city".
Jadick tells how he and his assistant battalion surgeon at his first assignment developed the concept of the forward aid station, which brings medical attention to the wounded at or near the front lines.
Their mission accomplished, Levis and Bailey decided to head home, but the Southeast Louisiana Red Cross chapter asked them to stay and staff a first aid station along the Mardi Gras parade route.
I set up a first aid station right next to the cafe, which evolved into a full clinic, with doctors, nurses, and a free pharmacy.
MOM VILLAGE, Papua New Guinea-In a simple but striking example of grass roots development, a group of villagers on a remote island some 30 kilometers off Papua New Guinea's northern coast have funded and built their own medical aid station.
Planning permission was granted in January 2004 for a new building, which will include a first aid station, weather information, washrooms and toilets as well as provide refreshments and shelter
When the pilot realized he was attacking an aid station, he tipped his wings and flew off.
That means parking your car, setting up your own aid station and having a bathroom scale available.
It is the link between initial treatment at a level I battalion aid station and evacuation to surgical care at a level III combat support hospital (CSH).
Mr Caisley, a former student at Longbenton Community College, was helped back to his hotel after a duty doctor examined his injury at a first aid station.