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(military) a station located near a combat area for giving first aid to the wounded

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Robert West holds a picture of Medal of Honor winner Ben Salomon, who died defending a medical aid station in Saipan.
Prior Information Notice without call for competition: Medical devices for the battalion aid station.
Severely lacking in office and parking space, the community aid station for the needy will triple its size when it moves into a new location - the former Sierra Toyota site at 45134 Sierra Highway.
Tenders are invited for Periodical shifting of temporary stopping,miners station first aid station and material yard along with cleaning of site thereof in cm panel in seam c at kapildhara ug mine of hasdeo area
based on the report of its first aid station near the Lapulapu Monument, a total of 123 people were given assistance due to dizziness, hypothermia and fainting while 154 people had their blood pressures checked.
A drunk stumbled onto the shards and, bleeding, was taken to a Red Cross aid station.
Witness Ruby Puzon immediately sought the help of a medic and later brought the devotee to a nearby first aid station for immediate medical attention.
Electronic auction: purchase of emergency medical aid kits for the needs of the state budget health care institution of the vladimir region, the vladimir emergency medical aid station, the state budgetary health care institution of the vladimir region, the kirzhachsky district hospital, the state budget health care institution in the vladimir region kolchuginsky central district hospital, state budgetary health care institution of the vladimir region "melenkovskaya central district naya hospital ", the state budget" petushki district hospital "health agencies vladimir region, the state budget" sobinsky district hospital "health care institutions of the vladimir region, state" urshelskaya district hospital "fiscal health agencies vladimir region
The Malta-based Migrant Offshore Aid Station, which was founded by a pair of philanthropists, said it wanted nothing to do with Libya's interception of migrant boats leaving its coast.
A feed station will operate for the 100km and 75km routes at Thornclffe Farm Shop, Emley Moor - named the Cote de Emley Moor for the occasion - where there will also be a first aid station and mechanical support.
Migrants rest on the Malta-based NGO Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) ship Phoenix after being rescued in the central Mediterranean off the Libyan coast.
3 Pre-order tracks on the Scottish charity album Refugee, in support of the Migrant Offshore Aid Station.
their sea crossing, the NGO Migrant Offshore Aid Station said, according to dpa.
Save the Children said it has raised PS500,000 while the Migrant Offshore Aid Station, which works with Medecins Sans Frontieres, has collected almost PS750,000 in two days.
Migrant Offshore Aid Station consists of international humanitarians, security professionals, medical staff and experienced maritime officers who have come together to help prevent further catastrophes at sea.