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Synonyms for aground

Antonyms for aground

stuck in a place where a ship can no longer float


References in classic literature ?
Providence had stood by me this fur all right, but I was hard and tight aground now.
The Boussole, which went first, ran aground on the southerly coast.
Now go ahead and get aground before a steady breeze comes up and spoils the manoeuvre.
But here I had like to have suffered a second shipwreck, which, if I had, I think verily would have broken my heart; for, knowing nothing of the coast, my raft ran aground at one end of it upon a shoal, and not being aground at the other end, it wanted but a little that all my cargo had slipped off towards the end that was afloat, and to fallen into the water.
with one red sock on and one wanting), in the bar; where the cheese was cast aground upon a shelf, in company with a mouldy tablecloth and a green-handled knife, in a sort of cast-iron canoe; where the pale-faced bread shed tears of crumb over its shipwreck in another canoe; where the family linen, half washed and half dried, led a public life of lying about; where everything to drink was drunk out of mugs, and everything else was suggestive of a rhyme to mugs; The Tilted Wagon, all these things considered, hardly kept its painted promise of providing good entertainment for Man and Beast.
The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) in Negros Oriental is investigating the circumstances surrounding the running aground of the MV Ocean Jet 15 fastcraft on the reefs in nearby Siquijor island-province over the weekend.
ugboats manoeuvre the P&O ferry Pride of Kent after it ran aground during bad weather in the port of Calais in northern France -REUTERS 11 December 2017: Airports were closed, a ferry ran aground and traffic authorities reported incidents "all over the place".
A P&O ferry with more than 200 passengers on board has run aground in stormy weather in Calais harbour in northern France, but there are no injuries, the Pas-de-Calais prefecture said on Sunday.
A RECOVERY operation is under way after a 75-metre cargo ship ran aground off the Kent coast.
Summary: Tugboats Monday failed to refloat a container ship that ran aground off the coast of Sidon Sunday in heavy winds.
Aside from MV Starlight Atlantic, several other vessels ran aground at the height of the typhoon.
She was backed off the beach by her master and Tyne pilot in bright sunshine eight hours after running aground.
Sailor runs aground on 13th A SAILOR attempting a circuit of the UK had to be rescued after finding his yacht aground near Barmouth - his 13th stop.
Now 11,000 jobs are at risk, 164 stores could go under and a PS300million jppany for PS1 to a rmer racing driver, er aground Now aground.
Sydney, Jumada I 16, 1437, February 25, 2016, SPA -- More than 30 researchers were stranded in the Antarctic on Thursday after an Australian ship scheduled to pick them up ran aground in a blizzard, dpa reported.