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an expert in soil management and field-crop production

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Caption: Andre Compion (left) the 2014 Master Agronomist and Namibian Agronomic Board Member, and Fred Mwabi, the 2014 Zambezi Dryland Maize Champion.
The soil continues adsorbing a huge amount of chemicals," the agronomist said.
In the field (sou teren an), the agronomist or technician working in development is expected to represent science and introduce scientific techniques to the "traditional" peasantry, as explained in a follow-up interview with a U.
The premier emphasized the role of the veterinarians' and agronomist engineers' syndicates in developing the agricultural sector and livestock in achieving self-sufficiency and food security, not to mention their role in fostering the culture of dialogue and tolerance.
Agronomists will assess the options at an open evening next month.
He worked as an agronomist for Cornell University, where he developed six soil manuals for the federal government.
A government-employed district agronomist supplied 2 initial contacts, who then suggested other possible research participants.
The Executive Office member of the Union of Arab Agronomist, Obbad Mohammed Al-A'ansi, stated that the conference's purposes were to highlight the status of organic agriculture in the Arab world, discuss methods to improve the economy of organic agriculture in Arab states, coordinate with public and official efforts, as well as civil society organizations and the private sector to encourage organic agriculture, and work to achieve food security in the Arab world.
For the uninitiated an agronomist is an expert in soil management.
COUNTRYSIDE: I live on 10 forested acres on top of a Missouri Ozark ridge and an agronomist visited me to help identify some plants, describe the local soil fertility and to provide alternative farming techniques.
With the combined volunteer skills of Guillemette (a retired agronomist from Agriculture Canada), Alain, (retired from the Spruce Falls mill), and Marc, a high school teacher with a degree in biochemistry, the farm is now a multi-million-dollar facility.
Proximity to the warm waters of the lake offers important protection from freezes," says Barry Glaz, an ARS agronomist.
The Agronomist,' `Ordinary Heroes,' `The Machinist,' `Beyond the Sea,' `Seed of Chucky,' `D.
One of Mendes's earliest allies from the other Brazil--the developed, industrialized south--was the late lose Lutzenberger, an agronomist who became the country's leading ecologist and then briefly its environment minister shortly after Mendes's death.
At the Universidad de Chile in August of 2004, more than 40 students applied for 20 openings in the country's first class on producing olive oil, says Maria Hurtado, an agronomist at the university.