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of or relating to or promoting agronomy


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Technical value (relevance of the proposed action plan in terms of collective animation -50% human resources allocated to agronomic support -50%) 60% -
These ambassadors will utilize their positive influence amongst their peers and be instrumental in raising awareness around agriculture technology and disseminate the latest agronomic knowledge necessary to deliver a healthy and productive crop.
Mohammad Akmal, Chairman, Department of Agronomy at University of Agriculture, Peshawar in his address also endorsed the value of embracing modern technology and moving towards high yielding hybrid corn seeds and the need for farmers to understand the necessary agronomic practices to reap full benefit.
The focus on agronomic resilience complements key activity conducted by AHDB's Market Intelligence and Business Development teams, looking at managing both cost and price risks.
GR: Agronomic services continue to include crop consulting, as well as soil sampling, variable rate prescriptions (fertility, planting, etc.
Agronomic approaches, proposed in this study, such as application of FA based plant growth media containing high concentration of Fe, Zn, and Se, called "agronomic biofortification" seems to be a cost-effective, fast and practical method to enhance Fe, Zn, and Se concentration in cereal crops.
Koch Agronomic Services, LLC is a subsidiary of Koch Fertilizer, LLC.
Activities include agronomic biofortification of food crops with micronutrients to reduce human and animal malnutrition and disease; conducting agronomic field, glasshouse and growth chamber trials; establishment and management of international nutrition programs, in particular those based on improved micronutrient and vitamin delivery via food systems; development of functional foods.
Congratulating his outstanding achievements are Hon John Mutorwa, the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Ms Sirkka Iileka, the deputy chairperson of the Namibia Agronomic Board, and Mr Shali Ashindume from Agribank.
NNA - Now is the time for transcending acute options by electing a consensual president, minister of Public Health Wael Bou-Faour, pleaded during the inauguration of Hasbayyah Agronomic Research Center today.
Around 400 corn farmers participated in the Sahiwal event, which was the last of the series of events that Monsanto Pakistan organized to showcase its new and existing corn products and best agronomic practices to farmers.
The performance of SGB's hybrids has been tested and validated through the company's global network of 15 Jatropha hybrid trial and agronomic research sites, with local results validated at six centers located in India (three in Chhattisgarh, one in Uttar Pradesh, one in Andhra Pradesh and one in Odisha).
They cover water and agronomic productivity, water resources and agriculture, managing irrigation, the agronomic management of soil and crops, policy, tools of watershed management, and research and development needs.
During the past decade, we have only started to develop the systems that will allow producers to actively manage agronomic variability.