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science of soils in relation to crops

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On the agronomy side, we're seeing greater use by farmers of professional agrologists as governments withdraw their publicly funded services.
Other professions regulated before the early 1960s include various accounting professions, and a number of other organized occupational groups, such as music teachers, agrologists, forestry professionals, and so on.
He is a member on the honour roll of the Canadian Agricultural and Farm Management Society, a life member of the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists and a fellow of the Agricultural Institute of Canada.
Consulting agrologists can assist producers in developing, implementing and monitoring their plans and are an excellent resource to producers.
Lofto is a member of the Manitoba Institute of Agrologists, and previously served on the board of directors and executive policy committee for the Canadian Fertilizer Institute.
Howe is a member of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, the Legal Marketing Association, and the Manitoba Institute of Agrologists.
Environmental employment is characterized by its multi-disciplinary, cross-sectoral nature as chemists work hand-in-hand with engineers, technologists, agrologists, and a host of other professions.
PAMI has a staff of 43 which includes agrologists, technologists and engineers.
Hubbard Feeds, Hyland Seeds, Intervet (Schering-Plough) *, Louis Dreyfus * Manitoba Agrologists Conference *.
In addition, as an ongoing partnership with the Manitoba Institute of Agrologists, CAMA Manitoba will be hosting a joint session in October with speaker and subject matter still to be determined.
foresters, chemists, agrologists and biologists have cut their early career teeth at our proving ground.
At present, CAMA Manitoba's monthly "Lunch and Learn" sessions, a venue that allows CAMA members to hear from high profile industry speakers, who educate and inform on topics relevant to the industry and their profession, have included discussions from Statistics Canada and a joint meeting with the Manitoba Institute of Agrologists.
He serves as a director for the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists and is active in numerous other seed industry-related associations.