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Synonyms for agrimonia

a plant of the genus Agrimonia having spikelike clusters of small yellow flowers

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caerulea communities with dry forest edge species of Trifolio-Geranietea covered small patches in dry, sunny sites along the forest-grassland edges and often contained several forest edge species such as Agrimonia eupatoria, Trifolium medium, Origanum vulgare, Melampyrum nemorosum, Solidago virgaurea.
DISGRIFIR Llysiau'r Dryw (Lladin: Agrimonia eupatoria) gan C.
Agrimonia parviflora Aiton; Southern, Swamp, or Small-Flowered Agrimony, Harvest-Lice; Moist roadside meadow; Rare; C = 4; BSUH 17489.
Tomlinson CTM, Nahar L, Copland A, Middleton M, Reid RG, Mir-Babayev N, Kumarasamy Y, Sarker SD (2002) Flavonoid glycosides from the seeds of Agrimonia eupatona (Rosaceae).
Agrimonia parviflora Aiton; Southern, Swamp, or Few-Flowered Agrimony; Wet roadside ditch and meadow; Infrequent; C = 4; BSUH 14776.
Herbaceous species occurring in the woody areas include Agrimonia pubescens, Anemone virginiana, Claytonia virginica, Cryptotaenia canadensis, Elymus villosus, Galium concinnum, Geum canadense, Hydrastis canadensis, Lactuca floridana, and Phryma leptostachya.
Plants blooming later in the season include Ageratina altissima, Agrimonia spp.
Mid-summer to fall flowering forbs include Ageratina altissima, Agrimonia pubescens, Campanulastrum americanum, Cryptotaenia canadensis, Eupatoriadelphus purpureus, Helianthus decapetalus, Heliopsis helianthoides, Polymnia canadensis, Sanicula odorata, Solidago caesia, Symphyotrichum cordifolium, and S.