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Synonyms for agriculturist

someone concerned with the science or art or business of cultivating the soil

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Dickey had told the Arkansas chapter of the Black Farmers and Agriculturist Association back in January that it would be difficult for him to help them in Washington because they had not supported him politically.
There is not much information on the systemic impact of forager and agriculturist `contact' or interaction in either the colonial or pre-colonial past; ethnographers are unsure about how to recognize `pure' forager sites and material culture (e.
Richard Enojo, Provincial Administrator, Provincial Agriculturist Gregorio Paltingca and Provincial Veneterinarian Nestor Villaflores.
A large number of deans and faculty member of BZU attended the function besides agriculturist, industrialists and others.
Community is clearly divided in two segments- agriculturist and non agriculturist.
The strain was developed by Israeli agriculturist Assaf Avizohar.
If the government provided growers improved wheat seeds and chemical fertilisers, there would the wheat yield would see a remarkable boost, said an agriculturist from Yahyakhel district, Bahawal.
Since 1960, the priority of Grupo Ceres has been to offer all of the inputs and services that an agriculturist needs to increase productivity.
Son Stephen, an accountant, said: "He was an agriculturist and loved his job.
With Sattar's withdrawal, Yusuf Raza Gilani, an agriculturist and scion of a religious family in Multan about 900 kilometers west of Islamabad, has emerged as the favorite to become prime minister.
1674 Jethro Tull, English agriculturist who invented the horse-drawn seeder and hoe, whose ideas helped form the basis of modern agricultural machinery 1872 The Wanderers beat the Royal Engineers 1-0 in the first FA Cup final, at Kennington Oval in London
Regarding the pharmacological bases for treatment, the agriculturist health provider did not show convincing arguments.
This year's crop of Master Farmers exemplify the ingenuity and character of seven decades of farmer-leaders," said John Vogel, editor of American Agriculturist magazine, also a co-sponsor of the program.
The trend for harnessing nature to solve health problems has good logic behind it, says Anne Moorhead of New Agriculturist magazine, and this is especially true for plant health.
When the area's agriculturist sought sanctuary at the church, Banque took him in and urged him to stay.
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