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Synonyms for agreeable

Synonyms for agreeable

Synonyms for agreeable

conforming to your own liking or feelings or nature


prepared to agree or consent

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Its versatility, paired with agreeable growing conditions in the United States, has evoked the passionate interest of American growers.
At forty minutes long, the piece's invention doesn't hold up, but Dorfman's ability to individualize movements and detailed gestures, in addition to his creating a sense of billowing mass by the simple act of layering unison movement, evoked an agreeable sense of life both absurd and recognizable.
AGREEABLE, who got the David Loder-Godolphin association off to the perfect start at Newmarket in May, is to reappear in the Group 3 July Stakes a week today.
For highly agreeable men, dominance enhanced their desirability as dates and as long-term partners; dominance made no impact on ratings of men who lacked agreeable characteristics.
Also, it has been noted that a "show of force," consisting simply of a few people standing around the patient, will sometimes encourage the patient to be compliant and agreeable.
These companies were thought to have been looking but were unable to find an agreeable carrier.
National Institute on Aging (NIA), a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), studied 5,614 Italians in four villages and found that those who scored high for antagonistic traits on a standard personality test had greater thickening of the neck (carotid) arteries compared to people who were more agreeable.
BEST: ``Standoff'' (Fox, already premiered) concerns a hostage-interrogation team who works together both professionally and personally -- with agreeable chemistry between its principals.
There are many thousands of hangers-on who save money by networking around the myriad bars and restaurants in the always agreeable seaside venue.
Yet, despite this challenge, we were able to arrange a transaction through a triple net lease agreement that was agreeable to all parties.
Bishop MacDonald, who is on sabbatical, was agreeable, said the parish priest.
And I think some of the youths in the El Modena group would be agreeable to such a compromise.
In contrast, the cartoonish murder scene that follows is quite agreeable.
For this reason, writing, being an artist, is not "agreeable" but at most "more agreeable than war," as he put it, because art must report from this "going under of the body" with no concern for losses.
But Agreeable was a surprise absentee when the list of acceptors was released yesterday.