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Synonyms for agrarian

Synonyms for agrarian

relating to rural matters

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They concluded that "co-ops have historically sought to reinforce the traditions and values of agrarianism through education and social interventions.
Services in support of educational, cultural and recreational benefit of the rural population, promoting the activities of educational farms, maturing in the school population through new knowledge about local agriculture and agrarianism, creating spaces for experimentation and learning opportunities pedagogical orientation synchronic functional.
Agrarianism has taken numerous forms throughout human history, but agrarian views have always communicated that a human practice achieves its potential only when it is adaptively responsive to the broader environment in which it is embedded.
Agrarianism had faded since the start of the 20th century; yet, the ideology experienced a renaissance in the 1920s and '30s with the rise of southern agrarianism (Hofstadter, 1955; Murphy, 2001).
Nature-Culture Polarity in the American Mind Nature Culture America Europe Cowboy Cavalier The Frontier Institutions (Church, Nobility) Natural Law Custom Freedom Despotism Innocence Guilt Hope Memory Willpower Class Conflict Individualism Conformity Agrarianism Industrialism Clean Living Sensuality Achievement Ascription Action Theory Equality Hierarchy Classless Society Class-Bound Society Nature Foods Gourmet Cooking The Sacred The Profane Four Cultures and Popular Culture Elitists Individuals Egalitarians Fatalists Songs "God Save "I Did "We are the "Anarchy in the UK" The It My Way" "World" Queen" Books The Looking Out I'm Okay, 1984 Prince For Number You're Okay One Games Chess Monopoly "New Games" Russian Roulette Heroes Reagan lococca Gandhi Jim Jones
Just as agribusiness and its corporate investors used the term farmer strategically to navigate public perception and influence state officials and government policy, critics of industrial agriculture also employed it to voice apprehension of a capitalist food system that was quickly erasing traditional agrarianism.
So while some critics see Berry's agrarianism as so focused on local, self-sufficient communities that it overlooks the reality of our increasingly global interdependence, Oehlschlaeger points out that "a local frame of reference is critical" to seeing our global connections "with the intimacy of love" rather than with abstractions such as nationalism (75).
As commerce and development continue to homogenize regional identities, many southern poets have begun to question adherence to the idyllic mythos that centers on nostalgia, masculinity, and agrarianism.
I also learned from the book that Thomas Jefferson changed his mind from agrarianism to a balanced approach toward agriculture, manufacturing, and commerce.
This all is preceded by the ever green ism of agrarianism based on the real social and societal needs, frugality oriented concepts and emphasizing the needs which are not projected but are de facto.
This will result in a model for urban agrarianism where the emphasis of design is around food production and how people live.
The Tories believed in a version of political economy in which property was a natural creation (land), in which agrarianism was paramount, and which posited a zero-sum world of commercial exchange.
The lecture pictured and the Yankee fish boil that followed werepart of The Rockford Institute's 2006 Summer School on Agrarianism.
Patterson, In the Wake of the Great Rebellion: Republicanism, Agrarianism and Banditry in Ireland after 1798 (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2008, 202 pp.
This is interesting terrain that follows a trend toward refashioning the South as a region in pursuit of modernization, not mired in "static agrarianism.