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Synonyms for agrarian

Synonyms for agrarian

relating to rural matters

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Panfilo Lacson whether he was 'lawyering' for landowners or farmers in handling agrarian cases, Castriciones answered: 'I've been handling cases for land owners and farmer beneficiaries.
The Order also applies to a cancellation case to correct erroneous technical descriptions in the EP, CLOA, or other title issued under any agrarian reform program where the correction of the entries in the title shall not result to any issue regarding the identification or the number of the ARBs, or the correctness of the coverage of the landholding or any portion thereof and a cancellation case with an approved land transfer clearance arising from the sale, donation, assignment of rights, succession as well as any other form of conveyance approved by DAR pursuant to Section 27 of the Republic Act 6657, as amended," he added.
Castriciones hopes to institutionalize housing, livelihood and scholarship programs for the farmers' wives or husbands and their children so that Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program beneficiaries will no longer have to pawn their CLOAs to fund the basic needs of their family.
Likewise, full crop insurance coverage shall also be provided to all qualified agrarian reform beneficiaries whose crops are destroyed due to plant diseases caused by pathogens, bacteria, fungi, viruses, virus-like pathogens, and other similar foreign bodies.
The second chapter, "The Sonnets, Early Modern Husbandry Manuals, and the Cultivation of Value," explores the ways the sonnet's language of reproducibility, treasure, waste, and hoarding interlace agrarian discourses of value and worth.
Further work on the implementation of agrarian reform will be discussed together with development partners, the press service noted.
commercial banks of our countries have provided the new agrarian co-operatives with long-term loans", he said.
The appeal to agrarian ideals can bridge the gap between abstruse theory and common sense.
It is a great advantage to have this overview of the development of agrarian Sweden and its social relations in an extended perspective presented for an international audience.
Land distribution at the Hacienda Luisita could be a "litmus test" of President Aquino's sincerity in pursuing agrarian reform, said Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona who was against the majority that crafted the Apex Court's ruling last July 5.
This was announced by the chairman of the Agrarian People's Union Stefan Lichev Monday, who said his party is conducting talks with other formations for a joint appearance in the upcoming elections.
Damascus, (SANA) -- Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Adel Safar said on Wednesday the agrarian sector in Syria constitutes 25 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP), and agrarian products constitute from 16 to 22 per cent of the total exports.
It appears that a growing number of smart, ambitious people are rejecting the lure of lucrative careers for the promise of a simpler agrarian lifestyle.
His theoretical goal is to historicize neoclassical arguments about the role of the individual as a historical agent and especially about the farmer in traditional agrarian Castilian society.
The Secretariat of Agrarian Reform outlined the pending changes to the agrarian legal framework expected to be enacted by the end of the Fox administration.