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a loss of the ability to write or to express thoughts in writing because of a brain lesion

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Prominent amnesia has been described in a cortical variant of MS, with or without aphasia, alexia and agraphia, (7) but acute presentation of MS with higher cognitive dysfunction is unusual.
The plot in novelist Howard Engel's new memoir involves the treatment of a rare neurological condition called alexia sine agraphia, which has whacked his ability to read but not his capacity to write.
The clinical features that are more common with a dominant left cerebral hemisphere lesion include aphasia, agraphia, acalculia, apraxias, a left gaze preference, a right visual field deficit along with right-sided hemiparesis, and a right-sided hemisensory loss.
The MMSE is a 30-point structured clinician-rated interview scale incorporating pencil-and-paper tasks for assessing nine items: memory, orientation, attention, verbal fluency, nominal aphasia, receptive aphasia plus receptive apraxia, alexia, agraphia, and constructional apraxia [23].
For example, alexia and agraphia (difficulty reading and writing numbers) is almost always associated with lesions to the left hemisphere which also frequently involve neurological systems associated with aphasia (word retrieval difficulties) and reading disorders.
The diagram in Figure 1 depicts this approach to the assessment of alexia without agraphia.