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agile long-legged rabbit-sized rodent of Central America and South America and the West Indies

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As important as the agouti is to regeneration, humans are also central to the ecology of Brazil nuts.
Unlike most mammals, agoutis are diurnal--active during the day.
The Cayman Islands Turtle Farm is the only commercial sea turtle farm that houses thousands of turtles, as well as crocodiles, agoutis, iguanas and other native flora and fauna.
Monkeys, bats, coat-imundis, agoutis, wild boar, ocelots, anteaters, salamanders, vines, orchids and other epiphytes are some of the living things that frequent and flourish on shade-grown coffee farms, which some experts call "agroforests.
When the fruits fall to the ground, humans and large rodents called agoutis compete for the harvest.
Their prey consists mainly of birds and small mammals such as rats and agoutis (guinea pig relative).
They're agoutis, terrier-sized rodents that chisel through the rock-hard shells to get at the protein-rich kernel.
Monkeys, coatimundis, peccaries, agoutis, armadillos, sloths, deer, squirrels and bats are commonly seen mammals.
Some behavioral differences between populations of agoutis seem principally due to whether or not they perceive humans as a threat.
For some animals, the conditions are a bit too wet, and a number of large mammals that frequent forests in the terra firme regions, including tapirs, agoutis, and peccaries, are not found in Mamiraua.
A scientific expedition into the Reserve sponsored by Conservation International, a Washington-based environment group, found rare birds and plants, howler monkeys, lapirs, agoutis, brocket deer, coati, kinkajous, whitelipped peccaries and other animals.
On May 22, 1914, Emile Brumpt (1877-1951) and Charles Joyeux (1881-1966) from the Laboratoire de Parasitologie in Paris autopsied 4 agoutis (Dasyprocta agouti, today: D.
People gather the nuts, as do native rabbit-size rodents called agoutis.
murumuru) seedling, leaf damage by crickets and seedling predation by agoutis, deer, and tapirs is common (Cintra, 1997a) but does not vary according to canopy heterogeneity (Cintra & Horna, 1997).