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a morbid fear of open spaces (as fear of being caught alone in some public place)

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The eccentric US millionaire, played by Leonardo DiCaprio in bio-flic The Aviator, right, had agoraphobia as well as mysophobia, the fear of germs.
Perhaps the best known of phobias, agoraphobia derives its name from the Greek agora (marketplace) and phobia (fear).
I enjoyed working in shops but ended up with a form of agoraphobia and couldn't work in crowded environments.
Chapters include: codependency groups, shyness groups, the agoraphobia treatment group, cognitive-behavioral group treatment for depression, anger control groups, assertiveness groups, groups for eating disorders, rape survivors group, brief group therapy with adult survivors of incest, survivors of toxic parents, group therapy for adult incest offenders and adolescent child molesters, domestic violence offender groups, beginning group therapy with addicted populations, and parenting groups.
I'm looking forward to a case of FIFA-induced agoraphobia over the next few weeks and months when I get my copy.
Another lawyer told Mr McElholm the mother in two cases suffered from agoraphobia.
He suffers from agoraphobia and constantly looks over his shoulder.
I am also arthritic and was struggling with shopping and suffer from agoraphobia and OCD.
Jeremy Bird, defending, said Potter, 22, suffered from headaches, acute depression and agoraphobia.
From the downright bizarre, such as geniophobia (fear of chins), to the more common fears such as agoraphobia, there are hundreds listed.
Susan Turner is barely able to step outside her front door because of her agoraphobia which first struck years ago.
There is an enormous amount of space between seats; terrifying for anyone with agoraphobia.
Bullying can make life unbearable and it causes problems in later life, with victims suffering from agoraphobia and social phobias, believing they will be attacked or victimised if they go outside.
Major anxiety disorders such as panic disorder, social phobia, simple phobia, and agoraphobia are all genetically influenced and moderately heritable.