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Synonyms for agonized

Synonyms for agonized

expressing pain or agony


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I was the taller of the two and as it happened I met in the light of the street lamp his own stealthy glance directed up at me with an agonized expression, an expression that made me fancy I could see the man's very soul writhing in his body like an impaled worm.
Then a long, agonized, writhing neck shot upward and a dreadful cry echoed over the moor.
All the woes of tortured life, all its stupendous indictment of high heaven, its innumerable sorrows, seemed to be centered and condensed into that one dreadful, agonized cry.
cried the agonized girl, turning passionately upon her parent as if her poor heart would break.
There was an agonized scream from the victim, and his fellows turned to see his struggling body rise as by magic slowly into the dense foliage of the trees above.
They will try to starve me out, but--" he was going on with an obstinate resolve, but he was getting near home, and the thought of Rosamond urged itself again into that chief place from which it had been thrust by the agonized struggles of wounded honor and pride.
Yes; but it will take me six years--six long, weary years of stirring four kettles with both feet and both hands," was the agonized reply.
More than once had Werper listened to their agonized screams as they were tortured before being put to death.
Remember that I have your son--if you chance to hear the agonized wail of a tortured child it may console you to reflect that it is because of your stubbornness that the baby suffers--and that it is your baby.
The last two hundred feet is over a steep incline of loose rubble to the valley bottom, and I had just reached the top of this when there arose to my ears an agonized cry--"Bowen
As he raised his voice there came an answering cry from a little distance ahead--a cry for help, and it was in the agonized tones of a woman's voice.
Priscilla and Anne exchanged agonized glances but could do nothing.
Nor would you, or, rather, should you, accept the ravings and writhings and agonized contortions of those two lunatics to-night as a convincing portrayal of love.
He insisted that he was already a dead man, for if the thing didn't come for him during the day he would never live through another night of agonized apprehension, waiting for the frightful end that he was positive was in store for him.
I know, I know," Bishop Morehouse interrupted with an agonized expression on his face.