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Synonyms for agonized

Synonyms for agonized

expressing pain or agony


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He hated to give up the kingship, though, so again he struggled to free himself; but a sudden torturing pressure upon his vertebra brought an agonized "ka-goda
Then arose voices of lamentation, which groaned without measure, and filled with regrets and prayers the chamber where the agonized father sought with his eyes the portrait of his son.
They will try to starve me out, but--" he was going on with an obstinate resolve, but he was getting near home, and the thought of Rosamond urged itself again into that chief place from which it had been thrust by the agonized struggles of wounded honor and pride.
In the piece, the talented and handsome 36-year-old agonized about his life as a bisexual, discussing his male lover-mentor at New York University, the woman he married (and from who he had separated), his mothers critical nature, and his new boyfriend.
Some were terrified, raped, pillaged, starved, agonized by the loss of family, and driven to madness.
Faced with such deft deployment of indeterminacy, one wonders whether something more than a blind spot for bathos led Irvine to film four of the gallery's employees sitting together in a bare room while reciting more agonized journal fragments, as if they were the stranded exploration team.
Although most social work practitioners have a fairly good idea about their role in society, and the tasks they are required to perform, social work scholars have long agonized over the issue and very divergent views about the nature of social work have been expressed.