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Gilles Gallant, vice president, Clinical Research - Oncology, HGS, said that the company is pleased to initiate this first human study of HGS1029 in lymphoid malignancies, and it looks forward to continuing the study of its IAP inhibitors both alone and in combination with other anti-cancer agents, including mapatumumab, the agonistic antibody to TRAIL receptor 1.
GTC also obtained access from the Mayo Clinic to the commercial rights for an agonistic antibody to the CD137 receptor of the human immune system, also known as 4-1BB.
GTC", Nasdaq: GTCB) has entered into agreements with Mayo Clinic to begin preclinical development of an agonistic antibody to CD137 as a potential therapeutic for solid tumors.
The agonistic antibody binds to and stimulates CD137 resulting in the strengthening of the otherwise weak immune response to tumors.