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Synonyms for agonistic

striving to overcome in argument

struggling for effect


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Second, I rethink the concept of participatory democracy in light of three strands of recent democratic theory: feminist critiques of gendered conceptions of democracy, agonistic pluralism, and deliberative democracy.
In 2013, we observed agonistic behaviors between Golden-winged and Chestnut-sided warblers, but these behaviors were not consistent.
We examined the agonistic properties of compounds using HELN cells stably transfected with ERs that had their N-terminal [DELTA]B (AF-1) region deleted ([DELTA]AB-ER[alpha] and [DELTA]AB-ER[beta]).
Dr Angela Smith, reader in Language and Culture at <Bthe University of Sunderland, who has co-authored the study Disaffiliation and belonging: Twitter and its agonistic publics.
However, discovering antibodies that inhibit OX40 and do not have agonistic properties, which would lead to unwanted side effects, has proven very difficult and based on Glenmark's data GBR 830 is devoid of any agonistic properties.
In this way, what Ong described as the agonistic element of oral culture, takes place in written form, name calling that is "standard in oral societies around the world" (p.
Mobilan is a recombinant adenovirus which expresses both toll-like receptor 5 (TLR5) and its agonistic ligand.
Among his topics are the mythic context of agon, agon and war, from agonistic individuality to the overhuman, political theory and agon, and the decline of the agonal age and its significance.
Over the course of the study, there was a marked decline in both the proportion of agonistic encounters that were resolved and in the proportion of agonistic encounters that occurred at the feeder.
It also covers an ensemble of topics from colonization and the diversity of polis structures to the Greek culture of agonistic impulse, gods and priests, aristocracy and tyranny, epic and lyric poetry, and the beginnings of political thought, philosophy, and science.
Liu (1969) noted in his discussion of Cyprinodon, that nuptial males of an undescribed El Potosi pupfish were non-territorial and that they exhibited jaw-nudging during courtship and opercular rotation in agonistic interactions.
In this study, a series of laboratory microcosm experiments were used to examine intra- and interspecific agonistic behavioral interactions (e.
Sedgwick's work questions the agonistic model of reading, in which a reader struggles to master a text's meanings.
More socially fluid and politically open than the princely courts, self-governing city-states proved particularly fertile ground for studying the way in which ritual, embedded in the iconography, festivals, and processions of urban culture, masked and defused the tensions generated by an agonistic and competitive political culture.
Females are polyandrous, and agonistic male-male interactions are common, suggesting direct competition for mates or mating territories (DeMartini, 1988).