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political propaganda (especially communist propaganda) communicated via art and literature and cinema

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Herbert Marshall, a British performer and director who trained at the Higher Film Institute in Moscow in the 1930s, witnessed agitprop happenings from TRAM (the Theatre of Young Workers), suggesting that the enthusiastic performers "even tried to interpret the principles of dialectical materialism through the productions.
In Chapters 5 and 6, Filewod studies mid-century radicalism and the evolution of agitprop into the 1970s to show how radical theatrical culture evolved over these decades but retained a sense of those earlier leftist innovations.
In producing a unique, iconic painting in black and white that looked like a photomural and functioned like agitprop, Picasso joined hands in solidarity with his compatriots even as he probed--and perhaps transgressed--the limits of his own painterly medium to create a uniquely powerful picture.
The conviction some weeks ago of three members of the agitprop punk-rock group Pussy Riot for "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred" turned the three young women into an international cause celebre.
Thus in the agitprop sketch Tempo Tempo by the Prolet Buhne (1930) the same highly rhythmic work is bad under capitalism but, within Soviet productivity, good.
CDATA[ The vacuous agitprop mobs who march for the abstraction of "social justice" don't live among those for whose rights they agitate.
While I, like many others, believe that much arts money is wasted on minority, elitist or liberal left agitprop, etc, the "there''s no money" argument is completely and utterly fallacious.
It is a dangerous and slippery slope that begins with government approval for support and descends to agitprop and propaganda.
Among the first examples is a film by Catarina Alves Costa about a crucial social movement spawned immediately after the revolution in 1974: SAAL (literally 'the local mobile support service') was established by the government to assist people housed in precarious conditions but became an agitprop movement.
This is what the communist Agitprop has been clearly doing over the past weeks, absurdly backed by the PP which, in its attempts to target the socialist government, has overstepped the boundaries of political common sense," wrote Spanish paper "El Mundo" quoting Luis Maria Anson.
It is the most didactic and openly agitprop work in the collection.
The move by Sumon, who has been consistently opposing the Maoist crackdown operation, may turn out to be a serious concern for the government as prominent citizens such as Medha Patkar and Arundhati Roy are in regular touch with the MP and are reportedly planning a prolonged agitprop in the coming days.
Unfortunately, Macedonia's president Gjorge Ivanov became part of this agitprop party propaganda.
These depict Cultural Revolution heroes as well as worker agitprop rendered in the socialist realist style.
The franchise, which was created as a cartoon strip three years ago to counter the effects of jihadist agitprop on Muslim minds, is poised to make its debut on British television this year.