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Synonyms for aging

acquiring desirable qualities by being left undisturbed for some time

the organic process of growing older and showing the effects of increasing age

growing old

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The trick in using that information against cancer or aging will be to uncouple one effect from the other.
Similarly, the culturally specific nature of Deborah Bowen's work with Lakota men suggests the uniqueness with which we must approach aging men and specifically the cultural lives of aging men Her interviews revealed a great deal of the hardships and success within the lives of men living within the world of the Rosebud Reservation, home of Lakota people for many generations.
He added, "There is a substantial research effort in inherited diseases that are associated with advances in aging and with abnormalities in stress response.
California Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
Unfortunately, aging can become a time of crisis for those who fail to find peace at this stage in their lives.
Her English experts of the 1930s, especially among eugenicists, contributed to alarm over demographic aging, a situation Patrice Bourdelais discovered in France at the same time.
Numerous acoustic and physiologic studies have characterized the qualitative changes in the aging voice, and recent studies have described the histopathologic abnormalities in the aging larynx, as well.
found that while certain effects of aging (such as a decrease in maximum heart rate, decrease in maximum aerobic capacity, slower recovery, and yes, declines in performance) may be inevitable--the rate of decline can be modified by training.
Speakers from the National Institute on Aging and institutions funded by federal grants offered several possible directions, all related to nonmedical approaches to improving the quality of life of older Americans.
large increase in damping after aging, but the samples with
These tales arise partly out of our fear of the unknown and partly out of our belief that aging is a wholly negative process.
And the aging of the baby boomers was expected to create a need in the future for more traditional elements within Nabisco's pension program.
Aging should not be thought of as synonymous with disease or disability; however, the frequency and rate of total disability, occupational disabilities and secondary work limitations is greater after age 55 than for any other age group (Social Security Administration, 1981).
However, efforts to find biological indicators of aging have typically focused on individual tissues or single species.