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Synonyms for aggressiveness

Synonyms for aggressiveness

a feeling of hostility that arouses thoughts of attack

a natural disposition to be hostile

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Statistically significant and clinically meaningful differences were found between MDE patients with aggressiveness (MDE-aggro) and MDE without aggressiveness.
The definition of driver aggressiveness is adopted from a previous study [16].
Although competitive dynamics research has established a positive relationship between a firm's competitive aggressiveness and its performance, the majority of empirical studies have been conducted within the marketplace of developed countries, thus taking the perspective of developed country-based firms competing in their home country (Chen and MacMillan 1992; Ferrier 2001; Ferrier et al.
The chances of her reverting to aggressiveness will always be there given the right circumstances, which you can't fully control.
The current research, in order to understand the mechanism of GnIH inhibiting aggressiveness, involved a series of experiments using quail, an aggressive species of bird, as a model.
Hoyer has stated that the new loan will help fortify Cypriot economy s productive base and aggressiveness as well as insert further value to the economy as a result of its longer repayment period and constructive terms and conditions.
61 for the scales of inhibition, assertiveness, and aggressiveness, respectively.
According to Sandstrom (2007) authoritarian and permissive parenting styles are more likely to be associated with aggressiveness than the authoritative parenting style.
Aggressiveness may appear in physical, verbal, or psychological (mobbing) forms.
In general, the results of correlational analyses indicate that student argumentativeness is related positively to favorable student motives for communicating whereas student verbal aggressiveness is related positively to less favorable student motives for communicating.
2) To assess the whether the ability of an isolate to produce mycotoxin is associated with its aggressiveness.
Moreover, it was found that students who perceive their instructors as engaging in verbal aggressiveness and, to a much lesser extent, relevance are likely to use the competing and, to a lesser extent, the accommodating and avoiding conflict-handling styles with them.
Researchers at the University of Toronto and Mount Sinai Hospital have recently identified a protein that may provide a measure of cancer's aggressiveness.