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in an aggressive manner


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On those rare occasions when the little resolution that he possessed was roused in him, it invariably asserted itself -like the resolution of most other weak men -- aggressively.
all the soldiers who thus returned were either too old or too young; too aggressively Bonapartist, or too dissipated; in short, their several situations were out of keeping with the rank, fortune, and morals of Mademoiselle Cormon, who now grew daily more and more desperate.
But from a yet farther seat, partly concealed behind a dwarf tree golden with oranges, there rose and advanced towards the poet a person whose costume was the most aggressively opposite to his own.
Her figure was stout and sturdy, and her manner aggressively self-possessed.
Heart patients can lessen their risk of a heart attack and increase their odds of survival by aggressively reducing harmful low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in their blood, a new study shows.
We need to find some way of managing them more aggressively.
This spring hundreds or thousands of New Jersey businesses and property owners may be required to pay for loss of natural resources, including groundwater and wetlands, as the state's Department of Environmental Protection begins to aggressively pursue Natural Resource Damages claims against polluters and other responsible parties.
We must move more aggressively into the newer, faster growing businesses, including telecommunication and technology, which ethnic minorities who are more recent arrivals to America have targeted for opportunity.
1 and 2 banks, respectively; now Bradesco is bidding aggressively on nearly every Brazilian bank privatization--no waiting around for a foreign invasion.
We aggressively went for the computer-related programs and we made sure we went for external accreditation.
We agree, and have been aggressively positioning Superior to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.
He plays the ball aggressively when it's in the corner and guards the post when the ball is anywhere else.
This can only be achieved if we continue to aggressively penetrate global markets whose purchases will supplement the slower growth scenario of the U.
Planning to handle the crisis after the event is as important as managing the risk aggressively in advance.
observes that the insurance industry has aggressively stepped up efforts to develop principles-based reserves for life insurance products and fixed annuities.