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Synonyms for periodontitis

a disease that attacks the gum and bone and around the teeth

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Regarding aggressive periodontitis, bacteria that play a role in periodontal disease are A.
Sela has shown a positive relationship between Treponema denticola and aggressive periodontitis [17].
Atherogenic lipoprotein parameters in patients with aggressive periodontitis.
Thankfully, aggressive periodontitis is not the most common form of gum disease; chronic periodontitis is the most common and hazardous form.
Table 3 presents the diagnostic clinical criteria as applied to Case Types for health, gingivitis, chronic periodontitis (slight, moderate, and severe), and aggressive periodontitis.
There are a wide variety of treatment options to be considered when confronted with gingivitis or chronic or aggressive periodontitis.
Lately, the term aggressive periodontitis was used to replace a group of dissimilar destructive periodontal diseases collectively termed "Early-onset Periodontitis" [Armitage, 1999].
Aggressive periodontitis can be either localised or generalised, depending on the percentage of sites affected (< 30% localised and > 30% generalised) [Modeer and Wondimu, 2000; Wiebe and Putnins 2000].
Gingival Crevicular fluid levels of calprotectin and myeloperoxidase during therapy for generalized aggressive periodontitis.
More recently an association between hyposphatemic rickets and aggressive periodontitis has been reported [Al-Jundi et al.
Aggressive periodontitis is a well-known entity that affects a small percentage of otherwise healthy children.
PLS differs from other PPK disorders by the presence of early-onset and aggressive periodontitis.
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