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Synonyms for aggregate

Synonyms for aggregate

a number or quantity obtained as a result of addition

an amount or quantity from which nothing is left out or held back

to bring together so as to increase in mass or number

to come to in number or quantity

Synonyms for aggregate

the whole amount

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material such as sand or gravel used with cement and water to make concrete, mortar, or plaster

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a sum total of many heterogenous things taken together

amount in the aggregate to

Related Words

gather in a mass, sum, or whole

formed of separate units gathered into a mass or whole

composed of a dense cluster of separate units such as carpels or florets or drupelets

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Los Angeles Abrasion Value (LAAV), Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV), Aggregate Impact Value (AIV), sulphate soundness, specific gravity, clay lumps and friable particles tests have been accomplished.
Slavia Prague win on away goals after 3-3 on aggregate.
The literature on the price level elasticity of aggregate demand is indeed scarce.
The second assumption is that any difference in the price level elasticity of aggregate demand for this paper arises only from either the real balance or interest rate effect, with the corollary being that the price level sensitivity of the balance of trade is assumed equal for aggregate demand curves of different price level elasticities.
Aggregate Impact Value (AIV): It is a relative measure of resistance to crushing of an aggregate when it is subjected to repetitive and impact loads and is calculated using Equation 1.
Athabasca Minerals operates the Susan Lake and Poplar Creek aggregate operations, which for the last fiscal year supplied 7.
The Float Adjusted Index family will soon be expanded to other Aggregate Index benchmarks such as the Global Aggregate, Sterling Aggregate and Asian Pacific Aggregate by adjusting for quantitative easing programs and known government holdings in other markets outside of the US.
and a legislative director for the CMRA in California adds that using more recycled aggregates will help the California economy.
After processing in the attrition unit, aggregate sand is sent to the crossflow classifier (Fig.
This research focuses on the development of porous asphalt aggregate gradation with varying maximum aggregate sizes by determining the proportion of aggregate fractions that gives rise to minimum dry aggregate porosity using a dry aggregate vibratory compactor.
Currently, aggregate is removed from an existing pit operation via Suez Drive and then onto the highway past a number of nearby residences.
He also cites a project he has been following since 1990 that used recycled concrete as concrete aggregate.
These differences associated with various water stability procedures were exploited by Oades and Waters (1991) in their systematic study to assess and define the components of an aggregate hierarchy.
It also says: "The auditor plans the audit to obtain reasonable assurance of detecting misstatements that he or she believes could be large enough, individually or in the aggregate, to be quantitatively material to the financial statements.
3101, 3111 and 3121(q)) to base an assessment of employer FICA taxes on tips, using an aggregate estimate of all tips that employees may have received, but did not report.