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The MKO claimed that it needs the blood to be injected to its members in case of being injured or sick while the bloods were HIV-infected and caused aggravatingly painful diseases, he said.
Unemployment remains aggravatingly high, despite the amount of time that has elapsed since the economy bottomed in 2009," said Ibara.
Deeter, 71, of Millbury, those eerie-looking trees have become bench marks for progress made in the aggravatingly slow, seemingly never-ending battle to remove the scars of June 1, 2011, especially in the Paige Hill Road and Haynes Hill Road sections of Brimfield, and along Dearth Hill Road in nearby Monson.
Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20 YOU are aggravatingly aware of your limitations in a situation you would like to have far more control over.
Even if the speech seems aggravatingly overfamiliar as a touchstone in the critical tradition, Walsh valuably rethinks it in relation to the similarly self-conscious chorus to Dekker's Old Fortunatus and makes a valuable point about the intertext: we must put our imagination to work if we hope to "believe" the history we see in Shakespeare's play, just as we need to exploit our imagination to believe the magic and the international travel staged in Old Fortunatus.
1) First, "Project 21" had a much greater concern with ecology and climate change, where the nature of the problem and the urgent need to address it had become plain for all to see (or deny), while the political skill and will to tackle it seemed to be in aggravatingly short supply.
We soon understand that she is still reeling from the untimely death of her mother--that same Sarah from long ago, a loss which remains, for the daughter, both futile and aggravatingly mysterious.
Then, aggravatingly, we waited another ten minutes in silence.
But her Footsteps is a difficult read which aggravatingly leaps from past to present and back again.