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Synonyms for aggravate



Synonyms for aggravate

to make greater in intensity or severity

to trouble the nerves or peace of mind of, especially by repeated vexations

Synonyms for aggravate

exasperate or irritate

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2 : to make angry usually by bothering again and again <All of these delays really aggravate me.
Tree-ring evidence, reconstructed rainfall over Durango, Mexico during the 16th century (6), adds support to the hypothesis that unusual climatic conditions may have interacted with host-population dynamics and the cocoliztli virus to aggravate the epidemics of 1545 and 1576.
You can aggravate a cough by smoking tobacco, or aggravate an argument by turning it into a fistfight.
On the other hand, if these two people were genuinely committed to communicating and absolutely unafraid and unresistant to hearing any kind of truths whatsoever or to facing any kinds of conflict, then open discussion would not aggravate their problems.
Panel chairman Professor Martin Wasik said, ``Falling asleep is more likely to aggravate than mitigate the seriousness of an offence because drivers do not normally fall asleep without warning.