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Not least the disappearance of the repugnant Churchill flyover, the enhancement of the waterfront walk, and the aggrandising of St George's Plateau into something akin to Paris''s Place de la Concorde (minus the guillotine
Not all members of Militant were bonkers, despite the aggrandising antics of their mealy-mouthed, sharp-suited spokesman, Derek Hatton.
It was truly the people's river festival, only to end up torpedoed by incomers and bureaucrats with their own aggrandising agendas.
Who would have thought that an authority which pays its chief executive pounds 50,000 more than the prime minister; refuses to cut its own aggrandising PR machine and plans to increase council tax by 4.
And Lord Chancellor Lord Irvine, criticised for his pounds 590,000 makeover of his Westminsrer office, is "pompous and self aggrandising.