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Our excavations have isolated a number of behavioural changes that could have stimulated this sudden transition from Iron Age leaders to regional princes: competition between aggrandisers over people and valued imports such as gold, silver and bronze, investment in authority to create and maintain water control measures and control over the production and deployment of salt.
He proposed that the ceramics were used as food containers for competitive display and consumption, but at the same time, he left open the possibility that aggrandisers might use other media for prestige food containers.
Lastly, vessels used for feast foods might be expected to be decorated, bearing stylistic information pertaining to the aggrandiser, his or her family and/or larger social group.
Hayden's aggrandiser model needs revision on theoretical grounds.
Such a picture of the individual aggrandiser is based on notions of the individual which come from later capitalism (Hodder 2000: 23, 25), and there is a strong possibility of legitimising modern social relationships by uncritically projecting them back in time.