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build up to a level by depositing sediment

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systems such as 7 and 9, which are associated with high sediment loads stemming from agricultural sources) aggrade more rapidly in relative P availability than in that of N.
87) The Rio Grande had begun to aggrade, with increased deposition of silt from upland practices causing a rising water table in the middle Rio Grande.
Reaches excavated for flood control tend to aggrade, sometimes significantly reducing the capacity of the channel" (Sutton, 1980).
However, care must be taken to assume that crop residues alone will aggrade soil organic matter.
As the river channel aggrades and channel gradients become increasingly steep, avulsions (natural break-outs) occur, or, in some instances, human breaches of dikes and lev4es (Cen 1957; Hsu 1980: 103; Xu, Fuling 1989; Wang, Yulei 2008).