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build up to a level by depositing sediment

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According to James Syvitski, an oceanographer and professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder, a delta's elevation above sea level depends on four interrelated factors: the ocean's global volume, aggradation, sediment compaction, and vertical movements resulting from plate tectonics and other geophysical processes.
The land above sea level is either being uplifted or built up by aggradation.
Sediment deposition into reservoirs built for hydropower generation has several negative effects which include loss of storage capacity, bank erosion and slope instabilities, upstream aggradation, and effect on water quality and operating machines (Jain and Singh, 2002) [3].
New Zealand vineyards are planted mainly on flat alluvium and aggradation gravels with slopes of less than 3[degrees].
Aggradation and degradation of alluvial sand deposits, 1965-1986, Colorado River, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.
In addition, Redwood Creek is currently listed as temperature-and sediment-impaired under the Clean Water Act because of past timber harvest, removal of riparian vegetation, widespread streamside landsliding, and channel aggradation.
Dredging the sediments in the Ok Tedi River at Bige has reduced the river bed aggradation and overbank flooding, but riverine waste disposal at Ok Tedi has had, and continues to have, two significant effects on the Ok Tedi and Fly River systems: sedimentation of the river beds resulting in overbank flooding, and acid rock drainage effects from oxidation of sulphur in the waste streams.
0 m of sand and gravel suggesting valley floor aggradation on top of the lake deposits before significant channel degradation took place.
Thereafter, alluvial red beds accumulated, flooding surfaces become fewer and less prominent, and trends of pro-, retro- or aggradation are difficult to establish.
the tribe's nuisance-trespass claims for aggradation (siltation of
ISO Certification: Lucky Cement has got ISO 9001:2000 certification, for manufacture and sales of cement by UKAS Quality Management, Pakistan National Aggradation Council and Moody International.
Stage VI: Aggradation continues to fill the channel, re-equilibrium occurs, and bank erosion ceases.
The revised Pleistocene subdivision, new dating methods and numerous recently acquired luminescence dates now prove that coastal and valley terrace aggradation between SE Texas and south Mississippi occurred throughout the Sangamon Interglacial (135-116 ka B.
Mortimer and Saric's (1975) data agree, and they note that aggradation of a longitudinal depression in northern Chile (18.
Another major consequence of deltas is aggradation in immediate upstream reaches of the channel, in response to the reduction of channel gradient over the delta surface (Leopold and Bull, 1979; Strand and Pemberton, 1982).