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an antibody that causes agglutination of a specific antigen

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The glycopattern of ([sz]-1,4)-linked N-acetyl-D-glucosamine (GlcNAc) identified by Datura stramonium agglutinin (DSA) commonly emerged in N-glycan.
In a five-year-old female patient who developed cold agglutinin disease after acute gastroenteritis, recovery could not be achieved with steroid and IVIG treatment and need for transfusion was eliminated following a single application of plasmapheresis (4).
23) Mixed-type AIHA may be overdiagnosed because a warm autoantibody can elevate the titer of clinically insignificant cold autoantibodies (23) (though in these cases the cold agglutinin would tend to be evident only at the lower thermal amplitudes such as <30[degrees]C).
TNT009 is currently in clinical development for the treatment of Cold Agglutinin Disease (CAD), a rare disease in hematology.
The lectin-NPs tracers coated with Dendritic Cell-Specific Intercellular adhesion molecule-3-Grabbing Nonintegrin, Phaseolus vulgaris agglutinin-erythroagglutinin, soybean agglutinin, Sambucus nigra agglutinin, peanut aggluttin, Vicia villosa lectin (VVL), Aleuria aurantia lectin, Trichosanthes japonica agglutinin and Helix pomatia agglutinin exhibited strong preference for the Pla-CA125 antigen.
Comparison of mucus and epithelial cells by wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) staining in the gills of freshly sampled, long-term cultivated Calyptogena okutanii
Drawing on their prior study showing increased sialylation of anti-TF antibodies in gastric cancer, they assessed the following: (1) serum levels of anti-TF antibodies by ELISA; (2) reactivity of anti-TF antibodies to Sambucus nigra agglutinin (SNA); (3) avidity of anti-TF antibodies by ELISA; and (4) avidity of SNA-reactive anti-TF antibodies in 104 patients and 49 controls.
Fresh-frozen TA muscles were sectioned, and cryosections (8 [micro]m) were stained with hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) or Alexa-Fluor 594 tagged wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) (Life Technologies, USA) according to standard procedures.
Yegorenkova et at (20) have reported that Azospirittum brasitense might be involved in the recognition and cross-linking between wheat germ agglutinin and bacterial polysaccharide during the colonization on wheat roots.
Agglutinin activity in Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) hemolymph following in vivo Vibrio anguillarum challenge.
10) Our case 36 6 weeks Left testicular History of pain systemic Brucellosis 3 months earlier Reference Brucella Blood Ultrasound findings agglutinin culture titer Kaya Positive Negative Thick-walled abscess et al.
Number Peptide ETR1 (29 kDa) Identity Protein 1 VLVLTCGLGPSSQR 8/14 RIP 8/14 Type 11 RIP precursor 2 ALLVYPFTGNPNOK 9/14 Ricin-agglutinin 3 OQWYFYPDGTLGVPK 8/16 Type II RIP 4 VPLVYDETGGGPTLR 8/15 Protein with lectin domain 7/15 Ricin precursor Number Peptide ETR2 (31 kDa) Identity Protein 2 LALVYPFTGNPNOK 9/14 Ricin-agglutinin 5 LVMDVAQSKPSLK 11/12 Precursor lectina 9/12 Agglutinin I 6 DPVLTCGLGALSOR 8/14 RIP 7/14 Lectin Number Peptide ETR2 (27 kDa) Identity Protein 6 DPVLTCGLGALSOR 8/14 RIP 7/14 Lectin Number Peptides ETR3 (29 kDa) Identity Protein 1 WLTCGLGPSSQ.
Tissue specific expression of potent insecticidal, Allium sativum leaf agglutinin (ASAL) in important pulse crop, chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.
Further extensive studies excluded immunological and infectious causes of RBC destruction, and cold agglutinin were negative.
1gg/ml Hoechst 33342, 100nM Mitotracker red and 1mg/ml wheat germ agglutinin conjugated to TRITC (WGA--TRITC) to visualize nuclei, mitochondria, and plasma membrane respectively.