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Synonyms for agglutinate

string together (morphemes in an agglutinating language)

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united as if by glue

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pursue partial strategies or not necessarily convergent ones, the agglutinating and coordinating action can be appreciated as one of the more significant in any level of government responsibility (Organization of Commerce and Economic Development, 1992).
This relative specificity value, which was obtained with sera defined by the MAT, may contain nonagglutinating leptospiral antibodies that are detectable by ELISA but not by the MAT, which can only detect agglutinating antibodies as reported (16).
Setswana, as a semi-disjunctively written, agglutinating South African language, is characterised by a complex morphology.
Neither does Ulla-Maija Kulonen (2001a; 2001b) believe that common Uralic possessive suffixes and personal inflections could have formed by agglutinating respective personal pronouns with the preceding noun and verb stems as Uralic personal pronouns are too irregular for that.
In agglutinating languages like English, verbs and preposition have become a major democratising force.
Natural agglutinating agents (lectins) in invertebrate hemolymph have been shown to act as humoral recognition factors that react with foreign particles and facilitate their eventual phagocytosis (Vasta 1991).
Boards are made of a combination of sugarcane fibers (bagasse) and cement, which is used as agglutinating agent instead of using synthetic resins.
alternation in vowel length or height, that one would not expect in a perfectly consistent agglutinating language.
7) By stepping into the perimeters of a voodoo hermeneutic circle--a zone of orientations shared between practitioners "who serve the spirits" (of vodou, santeria, rootwork) and shared to some extent in the practice of those who serve the Spirit via Afro-Christian worship patterns--we may seek a countercultural creolizing vision of the world, one that, with its polyrhythmic consciousness, self-possessing rites of spiritual embodiment, extended ritual families, and agglutinating reassemblies of new source material, has navigated zombifying horrors of white supremacy and bequeathed soul musics that guard something of a "crossover" hermeneutics even in the most secular commodifying realms.
Furthermore, if blood from certain individuals is anticoagulated with EDTA, the platelets aggregate, causing an apparent thrombocytopenia to be recorded (8,26) that in some, but not all, cases may result from the presence of agglutinating anti-platelet antibodies (24).
According to him, "[i]n a nutshell, it combines weakly inflecting type inflectional morphology (including the tendency towards monosyllabic [Germanic] roots and lack of morphological gender and paradigm distinction) with strongly inflecting (fusional) type derivation morphology in its large Latinate lexical stratum, rather agglutinating Germanic derivational morphology, and polysynthetic aspects of compounding.