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a device that causes material to gather into rounded balls

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Further topics in the current issue include the success story of the agglomerator launched at the K '98 plastics trade fair and the introduction of a new subsidiary--turnkey supplier Warema--to readers.
Against the backdrop of a rotary drum agglomerator, FEECO's Vice President and General Manager, Lee Hoffmann, summed up export success when he told the publication, “having unique and well-built products that are not readily available around the world are really some of the keys to success.
By using a unique Schugi Flexomix agglomerator system Hosokawa Micron were able handle the difficult to agglomerate ingredients and to solve the problem of producing two different end products.
Recent innovations such as the agglomerator, which captures fine particulates of size 2.
Castec displayed its Dust Agglomerator "Pak," a self-contained unit consisting of a dust hopper with a live bottom bin feeding a screw feed that controls throughput capacity into the high-speed mixing unit.
The presence of innovations in air pollution control such as the agglomerator, which captures fine particulates of size 2.
FEECO employees listened as Governor Walker, against the backdrop of an enormous rotary ore agglomerator, discussed how mining could create thousands of jobs for Wisconsin.
The tests of the Indigo Bi-Polar Fine Particulate Agglomerator, an Australian-developed technology, were conducted at Plant Watson in Gulfport, Mississippi, which is owned and operated by the company's Mississippi Power subsidiary.
Conveyor systems, crushers, agglomerator and ore stackers are all operating as designed, and ore is being stacked on the pads during the commissioning phase at the designed rate.
Offers Recostar Universal Recycling Line, which combines a shredder, agglomerator and extruder to recycle low-bulk-density materials.
He was named division manager-plants in 1998, with responsibility for all aspects of the operation and maintenance of Minntac's concentrator and agglomerator facilities.
com Thailand Soluble & Freeze Dried Supplier Haco AG Switzerland Soluble Goffee Plant Equipment/ Agglomerator GEA Niro Denmark Petroncini Impianti Italy Sorting Equipment Buhler Sortex UK Specialty Teas Cannon George Ets Co.
Inventory includes a Regenex Continuous Batch Fiber Recovery System, Previero / Sorema Polyethylene Recycling System, grinders, blowers, tanks, conveyors, pumps, motors, baler, drying equipment, agglomerator, screeners, silo hopper, PLC control panel and other spare parts and equipment.
All earthworks and leach pads are finished, the crushers, agglomerator, conveyors and stackers are in place, electrical power has been installed and all roadworks are nearing completion.