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Synonyms for agglomeration

Synonyms for agglomeration

a group of things gathered haphazardly

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Keywords: Geo-spatial agglomeration, industrial clusters, PCA and population potential.
Mechanism analysis of the relationship between financial agglomeration and economic growth
However, not all firms benefit from agglomeration equally.
Ce nouveau texte fixe les vitesses maximales des vehicules affectes au transport de personnes et comportant plus de neuf places a 100 km/h sur les autoroutes, a 80 km/h en dehors des agglomerations et sur les routes autres que les autoroutes et a 40 km/h dans les agglomeration.
At the time the action was brought before the ECJ, the infringement persisted with respect to one Flemish agglomeration, 21 Walloon agglomerations, and the Brussels-Capital Region.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian chemical engineering experts presented an industrial approach to reduce the agglomeration of the particles during the fluidization process by studying the fluidization behavior of silver oxide nanoparticle agglomerates and using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation method.
On the other hand, agglomeration may lower production efficiency as a result of congestion and pollution.
1999) aroused interest in the academic community, particularly the relationship between agglomeration and economic growth (1).
La premiere agglomeration serait situee pres de la cite Sadate et Beheira, alors que la deuxieme, elle, sera a la Nouvelle Vallee.
com)-- FEECO International, a leader in agglomeration and process solutions, has been providing agglomeration and fines handling solutions for over 60 years.
In particular, these studies focus on whether regional agglomeration economies influence FDI location decisions.
He focuses his analysis on agglomeration economies, which are the benefits firms receive from locating near each other, and sorting; natural resources (such as the presence of a port or raw materials) continue to decrease in economic importance as transportation improves, technology progresses, and as more manufacturing jobs are replaced with jobs in service-related industries.
This paper aims to analyze and discuss the complementarity-based nature of coopetition strategy, inter-firm relationships within a country-of-origin agglomeration, the web of inter-firm networks, and the internationalization process of financial services firms.
Innovation, agglomeration and regional competition.
The studies here advance our understanding of agglomeration and implications for a globalized world.