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Synonyms for agenda

hidden agenda


  • hidden motive
  • secret plan
  • secret intention
  • hidden ploy
  • ulterior motive

Synonyms for agenda

an organized list, as of procedures, activities, or events

Synonyms for agenda

a temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to

a list of matters to be taken up (as at a meeting)

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The city estimates that in a typical year, approximately 117,000 pages of agenda material are printed and circulated.
Agenda assimilation is done by staff in the Council
With the introduction of this new product, SIRE Technologies now offers a complete set of solutions for cities and counties of all sizes and needs with its Agenda Plus Enterprise and Agenda Plus Express.
Currently, only government access Channel 6 scrolls the City Council agenda.
In pleading their case, homosexual activists have effectively employed the language of victimization and a call for tolerance, in order to advance an agenda that has broadened dramatically in recent years, an agenda which now includes the teaching of homosexuality in the schools and the acceptance of homosexual partnerships under the legal definition of marriage.
Packaged under the theme "Economic Power: The Next Civil Rights Frontier," the League's agenda is expected to signal a clear direction for the 21st century.
Likewise, their government agenda compleltely ingores the increasingly important and innovative role of the states.
Solution Combines Streaming Video and Minutes Technologies with an Easy-to-Use Agenda Automation Tool for the Same Price as Most Minutes/Video Systems
The agendas for the LMSB and Treasury Department meetings are reprinted in this issue, beginning on pages 85 and 82, respectively.
Each department in the county will be using SIRE Agenda Plus[TM], which will streamline workflow and automate processes such as agenda packet creation and posting of agendas and supporting documents directly to the Internet.
us,'' offers City Council agendas and basic information on the city.
On a more general basis, we invite Treasury to share its legislative and regulatory agendas with us (including any plans to renew the push for tax simplification proposals and technical corrections), so we can be better prepared to respond to the Treasury's needs.
The average citizen typically has little opportunity to learn how much time and effort goes into the preparation of the agendas for city council or county board meetings," said Kris Painter, President of SIRE Technologies.
Typically, agendas are given to the council Wednesdays and released to the media and the public Thursday.