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one of the items to be considered

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Typical guidelines that allow owner participation in meetings provide that an owner may speak for three minutes on any agenda item, no member may speak more than once until all owners wishing to speak for the first time have done so and owners may speak only twice on a single agenda item, the second time for one-and-a-half minutes.
Other agenda items included the review of gerontology nurse competencies (this could not be finalised as a Nursing Council representative was unable to attend) and the draft interim report from Standards New Zealand on staffing effectiveness indicators for residential aged and dementia care.
Nor is it unusual for public officials to pitch their initiatives to us by making reference to an appropriate agenda item.
Chairs who want to solicit agenda items in their welcome letter should note that the first requirement of committees is to fulfill the charge given them by the association and the chief elected officer.
In order to improve the corporate governance standards of the Company, the Board proposes that the Fee to the Board of Directors is approved as a separate agenda item on the Annual General Meeting.
st] agenda item "Approval of the annual report of PJSC "Magnit":
Meanwhile, the Government of Sudan (GoS) has sent a large delegation to Geneva in its desperate attempt to convince the UN Human Rights Council and the international community to keep the mandate of the Independent Expert's mandate under agenda item 10, as opposed to agenda item 4, which provides for more significant and appropriate monitoring of the country.
None of the world's worst human rights violators, some of whom are the object of resolutions at this session, have their own stand-alone agenda item at this Council.
The master plan represents a vision of how the park could be developed in such a way as to preserve existing cultural programs, while creating new and expanded opportunities, according to an agenda item request form submitted on Jan.
A further agenda item addresses the agreement between Aegon and Vereniging Aegon regarding the conversion of Aegon's preferred shares, of which the Association is the sole owner.
The real purpose of the agenda item was to discuss Ms.
for the 2010 Session proposes to establish: a working group under agenda item
However, the genesis of any particular agenda item is often traced to one or more individuals in organizations involved with research, development, or the operation of spectrum-enabled capabilities.
Another suggested move is to make management succession a component of the charter of the corporate governance committee or the compensation committee and to ask for a succession report to be made to the board on a semi-annual basis as a regular agenda item.
in the general meeting: on the agenda item au 1 "Payment of