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one of the items to be considered

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ISLAMABAD -- The federal cabinet on Tuesday deferred some key agenda items, including the proposed approval of a comprehensive policy regarding repatriation of Afghan refugees for this year.
Agenda Item 10, dismissal of the board of directors and Agenda Item 11, election of a new board of directors.
Agenda items for the three interim studies include:
In a late afternoon notice, the FCC on Friday deleted two agenda items from its September Open Meeting, set for Tuesday morning.
The IPU Assembly will decide on the emergency agenda items on Monday besides the general debate on human rights abuses and the roles of parliaments in this regard, Al-Kandari revealed.
On Friday, UNHRC decided, at the conclusion of its 33 rd session, to renew for a period of one year the mandate of independent expert on the human rights situation in Sudan, Aristide Nononsi under agenda item 10 of providing technical assistance in the field of human rights.
The United States position for each agenda item is being finalized, and the U.
Agenda Item 2: Commune discussion regarding My Favourite Bit Of The Baby.
The real purpose of the agenda item was to discuss Ms.
This agenda item provides a progress report on the Commission's advisory committee that is examining community college services in rural and remote areas of the state.
Money for the Alameda Corridor East rail project also is sure to be a top agenda item, along with adding a lane to the 405 Freeway, education funding and money in upcoming farm bills.
Linked reports are opened by placing the mouse pointer over the agenda item appearing in blue and left-clicking the item to be viewed (or right-clicking if using a right-handed mouse).
He ridicules concerns about education costs and performance as a "corporate" agenda item and attacks education "privatizers" for relying on "racist and sexist assumptions, stereotypes, metaphors, and representations to further their goals of bashing public schools.
Unless directly related to a posted agenda item, such discussions should be avoided.
THE NATIONAL gerontology section committee met in Wellington last month, with the main agenda item being final planning for the section's fourth national conference in Wellington at the end of this month.