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Synonyms for agenda

hidden agenda


  • hidden motive
  • secret plan
  • secret intention
  • hidden ploy
  • ulterior motive

Synonyms for agenda

an organized list, as of procedures, activities, or events

Synonyms for agenda

a temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to

a list of matters to be taken up (as at a meeting)

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What is the role of counties in implementing the big four agendas now that Agriculture and health are devolved functions and housing would also be devolved?
The agenda will encourage and support investors, and facilitate setting up of businesses and licensing procedures.
The minister for parliamentary affairs has given an explanation and the bill would be tabled in the house in the next two to three days,' Abbasi said, adding that the bill could not be included in the agenda on 'technical basis.
They frequently become interested and stimulated to think about topics and situations that are not listed on the agenda.
Meanwhile, live bravely and intelligently with the hidden agenda of those who use superior strength and wealth to pursue their open agenda.
Streamline the creation, approval, and distribution of agenda packets.
En segundo lugar, se encuentran los propios medios de comunicacion, que se influyen unos a otros, evidenciando el poder existente entre ellos para fijar la agenda (intermedia agenda setting).
To explicate the role of three key components of a political campaign--a candidate's or a political party's campaigns, news coverage, and public opinion--in shaping the salience of issue agendas and attribute agendas, prior research has used first- and second-level agenda setting and agenda building as theoretical frameworks (Kiousis, Mitrook, Wu, & Seltzer, 2006; Kiousis, Popescu, & Mitrook, 2007).
Asimismo, la autora puntualiza como McCombs clasifico, en una denominacion peculiar ("la tipologia Acapulco"), las investigaciones que abordan la agenda setting, en cuatro tipos de estudios, dando a cada uno de ellos una caracterizacion a partir de sus objetivos y metodologias.
La consonancia entre la agenda mediatica y la publica ha sido hasta ahora un camino investigativo fructifero en Cuba con mas de una decena de estudios de pregrado realizados hasta el momento (Colunga, 2011; Gallego & Rosabal, 2010, entre otros), no siendo asi en el caso de la correlacion entre la agenda politica y la agenda mediatica, cuya dinamica no se ha descrito en profundidad.
Second, the entire agenda is being imposed on Americans in a flagrantly anti-constitutional manner.
BEIRUT: Speaker Nabih Berri is determined to hold a legislative session soon to endorse a raft of urgent draft laws despite Parliament Secretariat's failure Tuesday to include an electoral law proposal on the agenda, a contentious issue that could thwart the session.
A simple, yet powerful tool to make meetings productive and make people feel good about attending, is an agenda.
The United Nations member states have endorsed an agenda on sustainable development up to the year 2030.
McCombs, Maxwell, Setting the Agenda, 2nd edn, Polity Press, Cambridge, 2014, ISBN 9 7807 4566 1100, 208 pp.