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the quality of being timeless and eternal

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Although the ending is pretty predictable and the consequences of agelessness could have been explored more thoroughly, this is an entertaining and engrossing romp that is much more thrilling than it looks, helped by fantastic acting from all parts.
The continued success of Pride and Prejudice on page, stage, and screen is evidence of its lasting efficacy, or agelessness.
It is a pictorial of southern France as it relates to architecture and garden design that shows how simplicity and agelessness combine to give beautiful spaces regardless of how old they are.
Use the cell-energizing treatment one month out of three to propel skin of all types toward agelessness.
Then again, perhaps having spent the last 20 years in the public eye hiding behind a huge floppy fringe has got something to do with Burgess achieving a certain aura of agelessness.
A mixed bowl of factors have contributed to the agelessness of CP's restaurants.
The African has given these gift-edged with agelessness when civilization was youngest--plus the wealth from above and beneath the ground of his native land.
As for parts of Europe that are still not old, Berlusconi has devised new ways to prolong agelessness through his "Magic Italy" tourism campaign, designed to counteract the harm done to Italy's image abroad by trash on the streets of Napoli and political sex scandals.
His lyrics captured mankind's ageless quest for agelessness, a quest that has engendered in recent years books and magazines about "life extension" and a self-styled medical specialty known as "anti-aging medicine.
In Lewis's poem much is made of rose gardens in the northern land beyond the snow; he also combines the emphasis on natural beauty with the people not aging ("ever living queens that grow not old"); Pindar also mentions agelessness.
The legendary dancer-coach, who was 90 in 2004 when Melissa Godoy was shooting Do Not Go Gently (broadcast in 2007), is one of three over-80 artists chosen for profiling in this compassionate plea for creative agelessness.