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discrimination against middle-aged and elderly people

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But to do that, we must stamp out ageist prejudices,' she underscored.
When the fan went on to label their roles as an example of the ageist sexism that exists in Hollywood, Bell was quick to defend the film, which follows a trio of friends who decide to fight against societal norms of motherhood.
Perhaps "another time" is unnecessarily hyperbolic; I apologize if it seemed ageist.
Ageist attitudes in the UK are deterring hundreds of thousands of older people from finding jobs while creating serious barriers to the country's economy, according to a new report.
Paddy Power's Sharon McHugh said: "Television is often accused of being sexist and ageist towards female presenters so replacing Fern will be the gig they will all be wanting to get their hands on.
Drawing on their literary texts, biographical materials, and critical reception histories, she examines the diverse career paths and writings of Anna Letitia Barbauld, Frances Burney, Maria Edgeworth, Catherine Macaulay, Hester Lynch Piozzi, and Jane Porter, that belie ageist stereotypes.
Not reflecting on gendered art history or ageist social mores, the unabashedly solipsistic images are visual speculations in which the artist fancies time's passage as yet another accessory.
As a gerontologist now specializing in research on ageism, I was particularly offended by the ageist paraphrase of Isaac Asimov that appeared in Michael L.
SIR; I, too, can confirm the problem of ageist attitudes in recruitment in our industry covered by a number of writers to your Letters page (March 20, p33, March 6, p30 and February 28, p27).
Boys Life, that omnibus film series for ageist gay white males with short attention spans, is back.
Reuters reports that according to Ravitch, Ernest Hemingway's 'The Old Man and the Sea' would present a problem with every word in the title except "and" and "the" because "old" is ageist, "man" is sexist and "sea" cannot be used in case a student lives inland and does not grasp the concept of a large body of water.
The complainants objected against the shot with the bearded man, with some believing the commercial to be racist, others feeling it was sexist, and one complaining that it was ageist.
I filed it with other letters I had received in the past, some calling me racist, ageist, sexist, biased-for-ballet, biased-against-ballet, and so forth.
COMMERCIAL radio stations operate an ageist policy to keep Cliff Richard off their beloved playlists, but veteran songstress Cher is 3- 1 favourite with Hills to win the Britannia Music 1998 Record of the Year award.
Chapter one, which is entitled: "Too old at 58", offers an interesting sociological insight into the ageist prejudice against a redundant steelworker from Port Talbot in Wales.