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Synonyms for agedness

Synonyms for agedness

the property characteristic of old age


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changed her size and shape, throwing away her agedness, and beauty drifted all around her and a lovely fragrance from her perfumed veils spread about and a brightness from the immortal flesh of the goddess shone far away and her blond hair fell to her shoulders and the sturdy house was filled with light like lightening.
Typically, nineteenth-century American travelers to Rome were drawn to the art and history of the city, and even to aspects of Roman Catholicism, while at the same time they recoiled from what they perceived to be the decadence, agedness, and duplicity of Protestant culture's traditionally seductive anti-republican enemy.
and the third is by the tacit embedding of attitudes, such as the greater acceptability of portraying agedness in men than in women" (167).
Further exploiting the sentimental motif of youth tainted by unnatural agedness, Barrett Browning recreates a feature that surfaced repeatedly in Horne's report-descriptions of children whose innocence had literally been worked out of them and who "looked old and hard-featured, like a weather-beaten man of 40" (First Report, Q66).