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a group of people having approximately the same age

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DISABLED people are less likely to have used the internet than non-disabled people in every age group, according to a new report from the Office for National Statistics.
But the research from Barclays also discovered catering for this age group is an untapped opportunity for businesses within the industry.
Overall 16 records were broken during the 2day competition, Mohammad Saad Amin leaded the recording breaking spree with five records in under 16 and open age group combined.
e following ursday, April 10, the Under 15 and Under 17 age groups meet at Meltham CC with an 8pm start.
Thirteen-year-old Joe Taylor had a four-second margin in taking gold in his age group.
5% (or 204,746) are in the age group between 25-34, according to the findings made by Qatar Statistics Authority (QSA), based on the country's population figures of April 2010.
0% of youth in the 15-29 age group reported that they smoke: 28.
The parents of Batool Jawad Mousa Bo-Khamseen, winner of the top prize in the 13-15 age group, said that from an early age their daughter had shown skills for drawing and they were really proud that she won top place in the contest.
Winners in both age groups will receive an invitation for two people to attend the Royal Academy of Engineering Awards Dinner in June 2011.
Stephanie Davies (Child Two) and Kirsty Hatcher (Junior Two) also had good results, finishing second and third in their age groups.
Several studies have noted that important shifts in the labor force participation rates of specific age groups have affected overall labor force participation rates.
Verdict predicts consumer spending will increase in all age groups over the next decade except amongst the zero to 14-year-olds, whose buying power will drop a predicted 10.
Noting that the ECG varies extensively with the age of the patients, Lue recommends practitioners learn the characteristic ECG changes as they parallel growth and development, that they use the twelve age groups provided here to find normality and they compare the ECG tracings recorded from an individual with the data in the book to make assessments and interpretations.
Our graph (below) shows the percentage of Americans in various age groups who eat breakfast each day.
The graph below shows the percentage of Americans in various age groups who eat breakfast each day.