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Influences of habitat disturbances on agamid lizards.
The agamid genus Calotes is one of the most widespread lizard genera in South and Southeast Asia and is distributed from Iran to the Indo-Australian Archipelago.
We observed 12 individuals of this species in Sinharaja (Man and Biosphere Reserve) during an agamid survey conducted in January-May 2004.
Though the Calotes calotes is one of the most common agamid lizards in Sri Lanka, unfortunately its oviposition behavior has not been documented, even though it has been commonly seen by many naturalists and conservationists over the years.
Calotes desilvai, a new species of agamid lizard from Morningside Forest, Sri Lanka.
2F) is one of the most widely distributed agamid lizards throughout the wet zone of Sri Lanka, its oviposition behavior has not been documented before.
Otocryptis nigristigma, a new species of agamid lizard from Sri Lanka.
A conservation assessment of the agamid lizards of Sri Lanka.
Age-determination in the tropical agamid garden lizard, Calotes versicolor (Daudin), based on bone histology.