against the wind

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in the direction opposite to the direction the wind is blowing

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The boatswain had arrived on the bridge, crawling on all fours against the wind, and had found the chief mate's legs with the top of his head.
Before we start, I fix on the place where tea and a sleigh are to meet us, and we drive home again; because skating against the wind is as detestable as skating with it is delightful, and an unkind Nature arranges its blowing without the smallest regard for our convenience.
He may have fallen from his horse, he may have cut a caper from the deck; he may have traveled so fast against the wind as to have brought on a violent catarrh.
I don't mean flap up and smash up; I mean real, safe, steady, controlled flying, against the wind, good and right.
Encouraged by his success, in the evening, when they were sitting alone in the large study, where East lived now almost, "vice Arthur on leave," after examining the new fishing-rod, which both pronounced to be the genuine article ("play enough to throw a midge tied on a single hair against the wind, and strength enough to hold a grampus"), they naturally began talking about Arthur.
Two of the Aorai'S sailors, leaving a cocoanut tree to which they had been clinging, came to their aid, leaning against the wind at impossible angles and fighting and clawing every inch of the way.
Against the wind he now steers for the open jaw, murmured Starbuck to himself, as he coiled the new-hauled main-brace upon the rail.
If this man ordered one, it is a sign of a certain amount of foresight, since he went out of his way to take this precaution against the wind.
Cowden gaffer Colin Nish said: "I spent the 24 minutes hoping we would get goals as well as worrying about how we could defend them against the wind in the second half.
ScentLok recognized that protection against the wind is just as important as protection against the rain or cold.
Simon Boex, chairman of the March Hywel Protection Group, which opposed the development, said: "I'm sure I reflect the feelings of everyone in our group and most residents when I say we're very pleased the Inspector saw the 'common sense' arguments against the wind turbines and dismissed the appeal.
An injury-hit Athletic rode their luck in the first half as they went down by two goals when kicking against the wind.
However, even against the wind, Rishworthians got off to a flying start.
Wrapped up against the wind in Cardiff Bay yesterday
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