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Synonyms for afterthought

thinking again about a choice previously made

an addition that was not included in the original plan

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More probably the prophecy was an afterthought, intercalated, as I have already said, by the authoress when she changed her scheme.
And then there's William," she added, as if by an afterthought.
Tarzan pushed Numa forward until his head was almost in the aperture, then as though it were an afterthought, he turned quickly and, taking the machine gun from the parapet, placed it in the bottom of the hole close at hand, after which he turned again to Numa, and with his knife quickly cut the garters that held the bags upon his front paws.
The fellow scratched his head a moment and said, "No," and then as though it was an afterthought, he told me that he had seen the girl in the crew's room about midnight talking with the German commander, but as there hadn't seemed to him to be any harm in that, he hadn't said anything about it.
As an afterthought, he fastened the blanket with a piece of rope yarn, so that Jerry was as if tied in a sack.
I tell you it IS good, and healthy, too,"--this last as an afterthought.
I put down the book, disgusted with the creatures who had assisted in filling it, and then took it up again, by an afterthought.
Dick Moore," said Captain Jim--"and her husband," he added, as if by way of an afterthought.
And his mother of course,' added Ralph, as though by an afterthought, and with far less emphasis.
That which they hear in schools and pulpits without afterthought, if said in conversation would probably be questioned in silence.
Or dying," was her afterthought when she had waited some time for me to speak.
It was an afterthought, and was begun without a plan.
Somewhere out of the ruck of those warring races had emerged Billy's ancestors, and hers, was her afterthought, as she closed the book and put it back in the drawer.
I suppose He won't mind,' she added as an afterthought, shrugging her shoulders; 'and if he does, he may
Live Die Repeat: Afterthoughts 'This movie offered a nice trip into a darker future world where hope was scarce but human spirit prevailed but the roller coaster it took me on was not on the silver screen, it was mostly in the afterthoughts of "what if".