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an afterimage of a taste

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It follows complaints from homeowners about the taste of water from their taps in recent weeks, with reports of an odd "musty" aftertaste.
Look out for the aftertaste of raspberries, and you might even want to serve this red slighlty c hilled.
The typical tropical fruit flavours finished with a mild spice aftertaste have a crisp and floral finish.
A stale, slightly sour aftertaste helps to balance the sweetness but this energizer is definitely an acquired taste.
The aftertaste produces flavours such as grapefruit, again caused by the Chinook and First Gold hops used to brew this beer, which won an award at the Society of Independent Brewers awards in Hereford earlier this year.
It's made in the south of France and has a big fruity character which is matched by a Mediterranean herby aftertaste.
There is a bitterness towards the finish, but the dandelion flavour is not overpowering and provides a subtle flavour that increases in the aftertaste.
The wonderful smell of peaches and tropical fruits is matched by a pleasant creamy aftertaste caused by the oak barrels during maturation.
He may be the league's most talented athlete, but that bad aftertaste isn't going away.
We feel this offers a significant advantage to manufacturers, who will no longer need to mask the aftertaste of other non-nutritive sweeteners.
Kingstone Gold is a light-golden ale with a sharp, hoppy aroma that leads to a biscuity flavour, hops dominate in the aftertaste, leaving a lingering flavour of the Fuggles and First Gold hops used to brew this ale in the aftertaste.
This gives it a delicious vanilla-woody flavour with a wonderful black cherry aftertaste.
It looks like an independent production, sometimes sounds like an indie, but leaves a fried chicken commercial aftertaste.
By eliminating the swamp water aftertaste that turns most consumers away from greens drinks, Earth's Promise has consumers nationwide exclaiming, "it doesn't taste like greens, it tastes good