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a fragrant lotion for a man's face after shaving

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His home was later searched by police and the stash of perfumes and aftershaves were found in his bathroom.
Ross Carroll, 21 LIDL'S X-BOLT Cashier at Zara Menswear, Lenzie, Dunbartonshire I normally wear Zara and Hermes aftershaves and had no idea Lidl stocked beauty products.
oIn case you wonder,o she offers the explanation,o men donAEt apply aftershave on their faces before taking a shower.
Now, I'm not a man for perfume and aftershave and all that sort of thing.
In aftershaves and perfumes (from the Latin per fumum, through smoke, after the old distillation method) more traditional methods are used though modern fragrances are often synthesised.
That includes unopened bottles of aftershaves and perfumes.
The face scrub prepares skin gently while the aftershave balm hydrates and the aftershave lotion tightens skin.
A new survey by Andrex Quilts discovered an indulgent 54 per cent of people in Newcastle confess they would find it hard to give up their cherished little luxuries such as wine, flowers, chocolates, taxis, perfume and aftershave.
Brut, that's probably one of our best-selling aftershaves," Amber said.
But the pong of men's aftershaves is actually a turn-off for women, along with cherries, and charcoal-barbecued meat.
I'm not usually one for wearing celebrity scents but this is one of the nicest aftershaves for men I've smelt.
Initially he was reluctant to sell the product in the UK - perhaps having seen what happened to previous aftershaves by the Welsh stars.
THERE are Christmas bargains galore on board Stena Line ferries - and the festive shopping starts as soon as you board the ferry, thanks to a range of special yuletide offers on perfumes, aftershaves, alcohol and other gifts.