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a glow sometimes seen in the sky after sunset

the pleasure of remembering some pleasant event

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And, the newest Afterglow products, including the Afterglow Prismatic Wired Controller for Xbox One, the Afterglow AG 9 headsets, and the Afterglow LVL headset line will contribute to drive PDP's future leadership in the video game accessories category.
2-meter telescope in Southern California spotted a visible-light flash that brightened dramatically within about an hour, fitting the profile of a burst's afterglow.
The light from the afterglow is 10,000 times more strongly circularly polarized than expected.
com)-- To those who're disheartened for having lost out on Black Friday sales, Afterglow Cosmetics offers another opportunity to buy their award winning natural and organic makeup range at discounted prices.
In this case, the burst was so powerful that we could observe the afterglow for several months.
Przemek Wozniak, co-author of the paper, said: "This afterglow is interesting to see.
David Boyd captured the fading light of the afterglow of GRB110503A on 2011 May 3 with a 350mm SCT + SXVR-H9 CCD camera and V filter.
There's afterglow (yellow) to disguise dark circles and brighten skin; dewkist (green) to tone down redness; nude (light beige) to camouflage discolouration and sand (deep beige) to cover up blemishes.
The master tipster gets stuck into some cracking action in Wales and Ireland - don't miss his verdict in the unbeatable RPTIPPING section Wise up on where the big guns will be in action in the build-up to Cheltenham as we bring you a comprehensive post-freeze guide to the Festival 'This is no cosy look back at past glories; there's no idle basking in the afterglow of success' Steve Dennis with the heart-warming story of Peter Hedger, back in the training ranks at the age of 70 In tomorrow's super Sunday edition.
Acoustic shock waves are launched in a steady-state glow discharge, pulsed discharge, and afterglow plasmas.
In the 1960s Arno Panzias and Robert Wilson detected the afterglow of the big bang - known as the cosmic microwave background(CMB), which revealed that the universe was once a very hot, hostile place.
So although Devil's Party and Perfect Strangers still have that tense Stones vibe, Afterglow and Hungry step into U2-lite territory and Remember Who's Your Man is a soft soul ballad.
Although even here, largely as a long-lasting afterglow of 19th-century Romanticism, the stage spotlight remained fixed on the ballerina, that almost fetishist figure of male adoration and female emulation, with her toe shoes and magic tutu.
The Afterglow, by Dudley-born Anthony Cartwright, is one of six books shortlisted for the prestigious John Llewellyn Rhys Prize, which recognises young writers early in their career.
AfterGlow Technologies, the commercial division of photoluminescent contractor Noesis, whose clients include the Pentagon, announced that, to comply with New York Local Law 26/04 mandating photoluminescent markings in stairwells, property owners and managers must ensure the appropriate materials and installation methods are used for their individual building environments.