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the placenta and fetal membranes that are expelled from the uterus after the baby is born

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Regular disposable rubber gloves come in handy for picking up stuff like afterbirth or other soiled material.
South Baghdad gas turbine power plant, has the capacity to store as much as five million litres of heavy fuel oil, which is the thick black afterbirth of refining a barrel of crude oil once any other useful products have been extracted.
The team turned to folders of afterbirth images of cows and other animals for reference, poring over photos to understand how light hits the slick hair.
Her paintings depict narratives that feature strong adult content and satire, with subject matter including Michael Vick, the eating of afterbirth, and male anatomy as protagonist.
family, right beside the old live oak tree where the afterbirth and
She says: "We take the spare lamb and, if it has already been licked dry by its mother, we dunk it in water and cover it in the foster ewe's afterbirth because she knows what her own lamb smells like.
It has been claimed that the structure, also known as afterbirth, which forms around the fetus in the first stage of all mammalian pregnancies, can help rejuvenate body cells and ward off signs of aging.
The chorion is a part of the afterbirth and is normally discarded after delivery, but it contains stem cells of fetal origin that appear to be pluripotent, able to differentiate into different types of human cells, such as lung, liver, or brain cells.
But the girls saw the lambs coming out, Arwyn checked the ewe's purse and he saw the afterbirth.
They also eat the afterbirth and even the milk-rich droppings left by calves.
Now as someone who barely shed a tear at the arrival of her own children - although I was drugged up to the eyeballs at the time - the sight of me distraught in front of pictures of blood and afterbirth caused alarm in my husband.
Tracing from this crosshatch of different knowledge and practices, the author meticulously describes an indigenous cosmology of midwifery within the Malay world in Satun province, a former part of Kedah before the 1909 Anglo-Siam treaty: family tradition and transmission, incantations of magic words, transformative massage (to mould the child), labours and difficult deliveries, treatments of the afterbirth (such as burying the placenta, cutting the umbilical cord, toasting the mother in order to dry out the womb, etc).
It is possible there has been a problem with the birth such as a retained afterbirth or maybe even a retained kitten.
Each well requires two to three hundred truckloads of water, which poses the problem of what to do with the toxic afterbirth from these monstrosities.