after-shave lotion

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a fragrant lotion for a man's face after shaving


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For men, a routine that includes Biotherm Homme's Non Drying Facial Cleansing Gel, Ultra Moisturising Oligo-Thermal Care and After-Shave lotion can easily be added to even the busiest of days.
He even took a few moments to play up to TV cameras after sinking a pair of free throws in Game 2, first staring at the rim when the ball didn't fall through cleanly, than dabbing the side of his face after another make as if he were putting on after-shave lotion before a big date.
If not, there was evidence to suggest that she was a young 'un who likes to sup her ale from a pint pot, a hint of after-shave lotion on her chin and her leather elbow-pads rubbing against the rough wood of the table.
Don't use a highly perfumed alcohol-based after-shave lotion, as it may sting you and it really doesn't benefit your skin.
Meanwhile back on the leaf, Ferdinand is combing his hair in the reflection from a raindrop,as the musky,masculine aroma of an new after-shave lotion rises from his chin.
The after-shave lotion that lingers, long after the courtroom has cleared.
In return the Spanish officials gave the Merseysiders a gift bag including programmes, five complimentary tickets for their match against Villarreal , club cufflinks, lighters, key-rings, pennants, tie-pins and even some samples of Real Madrid after-shave lotion.
Found a new bottle of after-shave lotion under the tree?
You could almost smell the sincerity in his after-shave lotion.
An example, he said, is the packaging for Old Spice, the after-shave lotion.
We owe the word 'vodka' to the Poles (they spell it 'wodka'), though they used it first as a generic term for a bunch of chemical compounds, including ones used in cosmetics and what seems like a precursor to modern-day after-shave lotions.
Super-Max also offers a complete range of other pre- and post-shaving products, including Super-Max Ultimate shaving gels, foams, creams and after-shave lotions.
Restrictions on toiletries create challenges for business travelers TSA rules that limit the amount of liquids and gels allowed on commercial flights have forced many business travelers to leave their favorite after-shave lotions and hair gels behind.
These included perfumes and colognes, preshave and after-shave lotions, bath oils, Epsom salts and skin creams.
Today many carry two deodorants into the shower along with several moisturisers, bodysprays and pre and after-shave lotions.