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after closing time especially a legally established closing time

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Previous studies of after-hours calls to family physicians focused on caller demographics, medical triage skills, and patient satisfaction, and were usually conducted for a limited time.
Nursing home patients generate a disproportionately large number of after-hours calls.
OnCommand's after-hours help desk supports a variety of online banking and bill payment issues.
Minister for Health, Jill Hennessy, today confirmed the Labor Government had stepped in to provide additional funding to Peninsula Health to ensure an interim after-hours GP service would remain in place, despite the closure of the Frankston Hospital Medicentre this Sunday.
In a nutshell: Professionalism from opposite ends of the food chain is exhibited during a wild, after-hours ride through L.
patients were the least likely to have access to after-hours care, the most likely to use the emergency room when other care was not available, and the most likely to go without needed care because of costs.
The Country Liberals Government has provided $951,000 in funding for a coordinated after-hours youth service and a 10 week trial of night recreational activity at the Alice Springs Youth and Community Centre.
490 percent, near its level marked in after-hours trading the previous day.
provider of remote, after-hours teleradiology reporting services, today announced its RadRequest[TM] system, a breakthrough in secure, efficient teleradiology management.
The association of four major online brokerage houses asked the Tokyo Stock Exchange again on Wednesday to start after-hours trading in response to demand by a growing number of individual investors who want to place orders via the Internet at night.
Investors sent shares down 16 percent in after-hours trading.
IPCC's interoperability with HEAT means organizations now benefit from inbound call routing, customer self-service options, screen pops with pre populated customer data with status information, after-hours service and management of shared incidents that affect multiple users.
400% level Monday for the first time in about two months in after-hours trading as selling by foreign investors gained the upper hand.
Includes strategies for after-hours, emergency care, plus review criteria guidelines to develop an effective after-hours and emergency care program that will provide quality-driven care and meet most coverage determinations.
Or even that the stock is down on that news in after-hours trading.