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after closing time especially a legally established closing time

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This new data shows that urgent after-hours GP Medicare rebate items have been trending up with no apparent impact on after-hours emergency department presentations, Dr Seidel said.
For after-hours emergencies, you may call the Duty Officer at (+7) (917) 569-3549.
We see good reasons to do this now in our futures market but there are no plans at this time for after-hours trading in our securities market," Tai added.
If your pet feels dog rough,an after-hours vet clinic can help
In 2010, more than 30,000 applications to renew after-hours variances were submitted to the DOB.
Question 3: Have you received insurance reimbursement for after-hours services by filing any of the following CPT codes:
At the Eugene Chamber of Commerce after-hours event July 17, guests - such as Jodi Jennings (left) and Lisa Studer of Equine Addiction - were encouraged to dress in 1970s style, in celebration of the 35th anniversary of Valley River Inn, which hosted the event.
20 were discharged after-hours (between 1800 and 0559 hours).
In telling Larsen's life story, a dance between privilege and alienation, racial pathing and sexual identity, Hutchinson recreates a dense, contextual road map of the Harlem Renaissance--event by event, dinner party by dinner party, after-hours joint by after-hours joint.
And King dips into after-hours jazz club territory with the melancholy "I Never Said I Love You.
NZNO] believes nurses working in after-hours services should be paid in Line with district health board (DHB) nurses working overtime.
Garza's barbershop is the starting place for the after-hours action, where a group of locals drink, fight, and carouse nightly.
DOCTORS working for an after-hours service that went bust were paid pounds 1,620 - for a nine-hour shift.
99 per barrel at one point during after-hours online trading due partly to reports that Iraq has halted oil exports for security reasons.
Spitzer's investigations alleged that Bank of America and Janus had engaged in market timing arrangements and after-hours trading deals that benefited certain large clients at the expense of individual investors.