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It kills more UK under-fives than any other infectious disease, and survivors can suffer after-effects such as brain damage, epilepsy and limb loss.
New research commissioned by the Meningitis Trust this week shows that one in three children who have had bacterial meningitis, the most common form of the disease in the UK, will be left with after-effects.
Sue Davie, chief executive of the Meningitis Trust, said: "The hidden, yet devastating after-effects of meningitis can often be dismissed.
Regarding acts of torture committed by adults against children, the new law provides for a 10-year prison sentence for acts of torture that cause no traces, and 16 years in prison for acts of torture with after-effects.
6 billion pounds as the consumer electronics and entertainment conglomerate battles the after-effects of the disastrous March earthquake and a series of network security breaches.
We are also dedicated to raising life-saving awareness of the disease, its signs and symptoms and its after-effects.
These after-effects last a lifetime and impact all aspects of day-to-day life for the individual as well as their family, friends and colleagues.
Quite often patients do not connect difficulties with reading with the after-effects of stroke and so they can be missed.
The Meningitis Trust and Meningitis UK said the vaccine will offer better protection against pneumococcal meningitis, helping to lower the number of cases, deaths and after-effects of the disease.
With the party season in full flow, Meningitis UK is reminding those who indulge in a cheerful tipple that the symptoms of the killer disease are easily confused with the after-effects of a heavy night of drinking.
Viral meningitis is a condition that can cause life-changing after-effects and although it is very rarely life-threatening, it can take people a long time to recover.
He made a mockery of the MoD's argument that it isn't responsible for the after-effects of those tests.
He pointed out that the nearest city in the UAE, Ras Al Khaimah, is at least 140 kilometres from the epicentre of the earthquake, so its after-effects will not harm the UAE.
MILDENHALL'S meeting on Saturday was cancelled owing to the after-effects of a kitchen fire the night before and it remains to be seen whether the track will be able to race as scheduled tomorrow.
And she was clearly suffering the after-effects yesterday.