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Seems to me," said Billy to the troop horse, "that our friend Two Tails is afraid of most things.
But still, we are the only people to-night who have not been afraid.
It is not a very big plank,' said the Miller, looking at it, 'and I am afraid that after I have mended my barn-roof there won't be any left for you to mend the wheelbarrow with; but, of course, that is not my fault.
Art thou afraid His power fail When comes thy evil day?
So much walking tired her and she was anxious to be off to the ball, but she no longer felt afraid.
You need not be afraid of that any more, Ronnie," his uncle told him calmly.
I told you that I was afraid of Wingrave," she reminded him.
I am afraid you will think poorly enough of your new ally, after this?
The clasp came loose and I was so afraid I'd lose it that I took it off and put it in the bookcase.
She was afraid that the dignified Miss Cuthbert would think Leslie quite terrible.
Indeed he was now afraid to stay behind; for though he was coward enough in all respects, yet his chief fear was that of ghosts, with which the present time of night, and the wildness of the place, extremely well suited.
He was a coward, afraid to strike me because I had not quailed sufficiently in advance; so he chose a new way to intimidate me.
I think that I am more afraid of him than any woman ever was of any man in this world.
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, Darya Alexandrovna
I am afraid the good people up in your part of the world are not too well pleased with me.